The Scope - Citadel Destruction, Nullsec Heist

New Eden News | YC125-11-30 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Citadel Destruction, Nullsec Heist

Alton Haveri reports for The Scope on the latest developments from the war zone, where Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates attacked and destroyed capsuleer-owned citadels around Jovian gates to Zarzakh. The Scope also reports on the heist and sabotage operation perpetrated against The Imperium by a long term member.

News in Brief

  • Republic Fleet Confirms Vard Prototype Stellar Transmuter was Scouted by Angels but No Attempt to Capture Facility Made by Pirates

  • CONCORD Assembly System Security Subcommittee Fast Tracks Applications for Status Changes by Republic and Federation

  • Mordu's Legion Increases Recruiting Efforts as Demand for Security and Military Contract Services Increases due to Insurgencies

  • Looters and Black Marketeers Reportedly Rounded Up and Shot by RSS on Several Planets in Hed Constellation

  • Empress Catiz I Authorizes Creation of Several Dozen New Fiefs in Ardishapur Demesne as Lord Arim Ardishapur Seeks to Ennoble Ammatar Loyalists

  • Aftermath of Imperium Cloning Sabotage Reverberates Through Markets as Volatility in Cloning Sector Markets Due to Investor Panic

  • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Appointed as Republic System Governor of Hek by Order of Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor with Mandate to Secure System

  • Guristas Insurgents Preparing New Assault on Asakai System Following Raids Across Aokinen and Kurala Constellations

  • Kor-Azor Police Guards Intercept Cargo of Proscribed Luxury Goods Escorted by Royal Uhlan Frigates Through Kor-Azor Region

  • Minmatar Republic Command Reports Vital Facilities on Vard Planets Remained Secure Despite Angel Cartel Commando Landings

  • Refugees from Militia Warzones Hit by Insurgencies and Border Warfare by Empires Straining Resettlement Capacity Warns CONCORD Assembly

  • Angel Cartel Insurgents Operating Out of Bosboger Terrorize Alakgur IV Following Raids on Dammalin Industrial Colonies

  • President Celes Aguard Authorizes Further Emergency Appropriations to Increase System Defenses and Garrisons in Federal Branch Capitals

  • Underworld Rumors of Arkombine Warclone Organization Breaking with ORE and Mordu's Legion Spread on GalNet Conspiracy GroupNets

  • CONCORD and EDENCOM Officials Holding Discussions on Further Planetary Fortification and Structure Defenses with Upwell Consortium

  • Wiyrkomi Corporation Denies Excessive Reponse and Harsh Reprisals by Peace Corps Troops in Uchomida Industrial Colonies

  • Imperial Navy Resupplies Garrisons in Remaining Fortified Bases Across Eugidi as Militia Warfare Rages in Constellation

  • Sporadic Unrest on Intaki Prime as Nationalist and Religious Militants Opposed to Federation Military Presence Clash with Federal Marines

  • Genolution and Cromeaux Inc. Call for Cloning Industry Security Summit as Upwell Consortium Joins Efforts to Allay Investor Fears

  • Private Military Companies See Surge in Demand for Low Security and Border Colony Defense Contracts as Pirate Raids Expand

  • Director Lars en Ramon of Upwell Consortium's Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance Refuses to Comment on Arkombine Rumors

  • Caldari State Peacekeepers to Investigate Allegations of Massacre at Wiyrkomi-Seituoda Heavy Industries Colony on Uchomida III