The Scope - Bowhead Ambush

New Eden News | YC125-12-07 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Bowhead Ambush

Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the latest developments from Pirate Insurgency zones, where the Guristas Pirates ambushed a task force including heavily modified Mordu’s Legion Bowhead freighters. With one of the freighters crash-landing on the planet of Hevrice III, it is rumored that the Deathless Circle have deployed experimental “Vanguard” clone troops to the planet to retrieve equipment valuable to their interests.

News in Brief

  • Mordu's Legion Release States Bowhead Troop Transport "Responding to Pirate Attacks on Hevrice III Colonial Settlements"

  • Arkombine Warclone Mercenary Group Formally Reclassified as Deathless Circle Member by DED with SARO "Red Warrants" Issued

  • Heavy Fighting in Ikoskio System Following Federal Defense Union Guerillas Taking Advantage of Guristas Plundering of Asakai

  • Mobilization of Mordu's Legion Reserves Reported as Search and Rescue Operations Begin in Hevrice System

  • Situation in Eugidi Constellation "Remains Fluid" According to CONCORD Conflict Monitors as Republic Counter-Offensive Continues

  • Bowhead Crash Site on Hevrice III Reported as "Widespread Field of Wreckage, Scattered Cargo, and Survival Pods"

  • Divestment of Inactive Warclone Imprint Archives by Minor Mercenary Houses Subject to SARO Restrictions Reported

  • Federal Intelligence Office's "Black Eagles" Authorized to Deploy "Kill Teams" to Hevrice According to Federal Goverment Insiders

  • Deathless Circle Reported to Have Brokered Agreement with Angel and Guristas Allies to "Share Spoils of Bowhead Wreck"

  • Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir Holds Command Conference with Regional Provosts of EDENCOM and AEGIS Special Forces Commanders

  • Warclone Imprint Archives Sale Linked to Offerings from Ostrakon Agency, Intara Direct Action, and Seykal Expeditionary Group

  • Arkombine Warclone Group's Defection to Deathless Circle Condemned by Upwell's Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance

  • Imperial Inquisitor Assassinated on Kihtaled IV with Entire Kameiras Guard Unit Reportedly Member of Kor-Azor Family Cadet Branch

  • Volatile Ice Storms Emerge Across New Eden with Sansha's Nation Forces Deploying Wightstorm Forces to Mine Precious Ices

  • Rumored Network Intrusion at DED Molden Heath Headquarters Purportedly Targeted SARO "Confinement Archives"

  • Reports from Caldari Resistance Cells in Pochven Indicate Caldari State Supplies Increased Due to "New Delivery Methods"

  • Major Pirate Activity Reported in Hevrice System as Criminal Elements Scramble for Rare Opportunity to Obtain Legion Technology

  • Upwell Security Director Lars en Ramon Describes Arkombine as "Treacherous Opportunists" Over Defection to Deathless Circle

  • Underworld Rumors and Reports from Hevrice Claim Deathless Circle Deploying Experimental Warclone Units to Hevrice III

  • Vard System Under Threat of Angel Cartel Raids Again as Insurgency Centered on Eszur Spreads Across Ten Systems in Warzone

  • Caldari Navy Raises Alert Levels in Kurala Constellation as Repeated Raiding by Guristas Leads to New Militia Frontline Systems

  • EDENCOM Intelligence Reports New High-Energy Readings from Across Pochven as Lull in Inter-Clade Fighting Continues

  • Caldari State and Intaki Syndicate Sign New Trade Agreement Enshrining Caldari Colonial Resource Claims in Exchange for Tariffs Relief

  • Upwell Chairman Yani Sar Arteu Holds Summit Meeting with Muriya Mordu, ORE CEO Afait Assette, and Representatives of Empire Corporations

  • Devastation in Ezzara as Major Battle Erupts Between Amarr and Republic Regulars and Capsuleer Militias Seek to Support Naval Forces

  • Colonel Oveg Drust of SARO's "Red Troop" Anti-Warclone Unit Blasts "Warclone Traitors to Humanity and Lawful Civilization"

  • Republic Incursion into Huola-Labapi Corridor Adding to "Mounting Chaos" in Amarr-Minmatar Militia Warzone

  • Sansha's Nation Incursion in Peges Constellation of Tash-Murkon Region Reportedly Attempting "Unusually Heavy" Ground Assaults