The Scope - Mysterious Ship Construction

New Eden News | YC126-04-19 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope - Mysterious Ship Construction

Watch as Alton Haveri reports on footage of a mysterious ship being assembled at an unknown ORE. facility, as well as the progress made by the Upwell Consortium - aided by capsuleers - on their prototype facility in Auviken.

News in Brief

  • Security services call for investigation into Upwell intelligence leak

  • Empress Catiz I remains silent on Upwell as Ardishapur urges caution with new technologies.

  • Inhabitants of Ouelletta, Verge Vendor, warned to remain vigilant as rumors surface of conflict in the coming days.

  • Ishukone, Hyasyoda, and Wiyrkomi call Upwell program “a betrayal of the Caldari principles”.

  • Ancient lance recovered on Amarr island may imply holder tournaments older than previously thought.

  • BLACKFLAG corp wartime HQ destroyed in joint attack, ending 67 formally declared wars.

  • Conspiracy enters the mainstream as holo celebrities share data streams of wormhole war secret spies.

  • Pilot injured in industrial tether accident thanks Upwell for generous well-wishes.

  • SOCT suspends new observation program as anomalous readings suggest technical problems.

  • Khanid Kingdom hosts an official delegation of Upwell representatives on Khanid Prime.