The Scope - Chemal Tech Convoy Destroyed

New Eden News | YC126-03-21 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope - Chemal Tech Convoy Destroyed

Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the destruction of a Chemal Tech convoy by capsuleers after leaked intelligence compromised their route and cargo. Chemal Tech geneticists recovered from the wreck of the deep space transport at the center of the convoy are now in capsuleer hands.

Addendum: Capsuleers in possession of Chemal Tech geneticists urged to contact Demi Restouve via EVEMAIL for details of 1 billion ISK reward for their return, no questions asked.

News in Brief

  • IRIS says “wait and see” to rumors of a Paragon artistic platform.

  • CDIA seeking information on Arkombine figure identified as "Lifegiver" following reappearance of alias in Deathless communications.

  • Lifegiver alias originally noted by DED in YC115-116 reports in connection with suspected Guristas and Angel Cartel elements.

  • SOCT launches new Abyssal Deadspace astronomical observation program.

  • First ever Shapash lost in combat during an engagement in system of Aset.

  • Empress Catiz I issues summons to border region holders demanding an explanation for rising pirate activity in Amarr space.

  • Families of kidnapped Chemal Tech scientists gather in Oursulaert for silent vigil.

  • AIR prepares to publish first findings from their capsuleer research program.

  • Recoverable materials suggest use of mass-fabricated Jovian clones as platform for Vanguard warclone blanks.

  • GRNJ-3 Intaki Space Police station break-in targeted prototype dropsuits developed in partnership with Mordu's Legion.