Empress Catiz Proclaims Imperial Edict Offering Path to Freedom Through Service

New Eden News | YC125-06-07 - By Alton Haveri

catiz honor guard amarr prime Above: Empress Catiz I Honor Guard in orbit of Amarr Prime

Empress Catiz Proclaims Imperial Edict Offering Path to Freedom Through Service

Amarr, Throne Worlds – Empress Catiz I has proclaimed an Imperial Edict offering slaves the option to volunteer for special military services, with their Holder’s permission. Those who do will be freed after five years of service. The edict was also retroactively applied to selected individuals who have already met its requirements.

The edict comes as the Privy Council has enacted a series of reforms enhancing the Empire’s war-footing. In particular, the Major Houses, as direct vassals of the Empress, have been granted greater latitude over their fiefs, but are required to pay an additional war tax and provide more troop levies to the Imperial Throne. The Royal Houses have reportedly agreed to extend a similar set of privileges to the Minor Houses that are their direct vassals, and will augment the Imperial Military Circuits under their control with war levies.

To oversee these measures, Empress Catiz I has appointed Lord Aslan Ul-Qosh as the new Imperial Chancellor. Lord Aslan is the head of the powerful House Qosh, Holder of the Imperial Planet of Oris, and has recently been administering the Throne Worlds on behalf of the Emperor Family. Lord Aslan is a first cousin of Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, head of the Imperial war effort to reclaim the Minmatar “Rebel Provinces”.

imperial city dam torsad Above: Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime

Empress Catiz Broadcasts Edict to the Greater Amarr Empire

Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime – The military emancipation edict and Privy Council reforms were announced in a live broadcast watched by trillions across the Greater Amarr Empire. The broadcast concluded with a speech by the Empress from the Imperial Palace in Dam-Torsad setting out her vision for the Empire:

“I see a people, driven from their homeland for their faith. They adapt, they thrive, and God sees fit to grant them a great Emperor. They become stronger, and their Lord grants them a planet, then a star, then hundreds more like it. Through the power of their faith and under the guidance of their divine leaders they build a mighty Empire.

“I see a people, too comfortable in their halls of gold. They have been granted so many gifts that they have grown fearful of losing them. They are suspicious of any change, for they have so much that they dare not lose. Then when change comes anyway, they find their destiny challenged. First by the Jove, sins of the old world brought back to life, then by the rebellious children of Matar, then by the evil of the Drifters and Triglavian invaders. Their Empire shrinks and they cast their eyes upwards and ask, ‘Why?’

“I see a people, shining bright among the stars. They have faced many trials, but they are bold enough not to be humbled by them. They know their faith is too strong to be shaken by any change. They have learnt to adapt, to thrive, not outside of their faith but fortified by it. Secure in God’s light they renew their faith, return to the foundations of scripture, and build an Empire secured by mastery of the very stars entrusted to them by their Lord.

“I am your Empress, chosen of God, and in my heart I feel His will guiding me. Let me show you the way so that we might be bold once more, so that we might thrive. Let us raise the banners of the faithful and proudly declare: this is the Empire of Holy Amarr and none may stand against it!”

On hearing these words, crowds massed in public squares and basilicas to hear the speech cheered in approbation and pledged themselves to the Empress’s vision for Amarr. However, rumours have since surfaced that a number of notable Holders expected to attend the announcement in person at Dam-Torsad cancelled their plans at the last minute. The Scope approached officials of the Imperial Court for comment but received no response.

imperial stellar const ohide Above: Imperial Stellar Transmute construction site in Ohide system

News in Brief

  • Protests Over Federal "United Response Act" Continue as "Automated Industry for Democracy" Bill Goes to Full Senate

  • Imperial Navy Begins Construction of Amarr Stellar Transmuter in Ohide and Interstellar Shipcaster in Mehatoor

  • Some Disruptions on Minmatar Core Worlds as Tribes Adjust to Republic's New Economic and Industrial Plans

  • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Holds Military Emancipation Ceremony at Mehatoor HQ of Combined Fleet Group Damius

  • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Dismisses Military Emancipation Edict as "Standard Theatrics from the Amarr to Justify Tyranny"

  • Muted Responses to Imperial Edict from Caldari State and Gallente Federation as Political Upheavals Occupy Authorities

  • Rationing Protests on Jita 4-4 Moon Colony Suppressed by Spacelane Patrol as Unrest Continues in Other Caldari Territories

  • Republic Authorities Begin Relocations of Refugees from Angils, Essin, and Eugidi Constellations Out of Temporary Camps

  • Ammatar Fleet Units in Battle with Escaping Angel Cartel Vessels After Destroying Pirate Research Facility in Futzchag System