Unique interstellar sites

Some locations in New Eden cannot be tied to planets, moons, suns or even stations or other particular celestial objects, but are nonetheless so renowned through the cluster that they deserve their own entries. Other locations relate to specific locations, usually planetside, but have become so famous that their reputations have extended to celestial heights.

Notable interstellar locations


There is also a number of locations whose exact nature, location or name is as yet unknown:

  • Sites (wreckage guarded by pirates) where Nale's search team found pieces, both real and fake, related to a mind-control machine codenamed the Book of Emptiness.
  • Site where drone research was being undertaken, right up until the point where at least one drone went rogue and slaughtered everyone.
  • Wherever the Mind Clash World Championship are held.
  • There is an asteroid mining colony in the depths of lowsec space where the Empires vie for control. With the coming of the capsuleer combatants, the majority of the crew have abandoned, leaving behind only a skeleton crew. Just as the skeleton crew is growing capable of running the colony, a group of pirates attack. They detonate surface explosives to collapse several sections, then board the colony and begin a rampage. They manage to kill most of the inhabitants with their laser guns. Only Adek manages to escape. He reaches the Pit, the section of the asteroid that has been mined out extensively and has several tunnels that lead right next to the vacuum of space. Adek initially plans to give up, but has a sudden burst of inspiration. He goes to the Pit's control station and sets off an alarm, drawing the entire pirate party to the Pit. He then remotely activates an MTAC to punch a hole into the vacuum, blowing several pirates into space and causing the rest to lose their weapons and become helpless. Adek boards an MTAC and finishes off the rest. As he waits, he discovers one pirate had stayed behind. Adek discovers that a capsuleer has arrived outside the colony. He sends out a distress call, telling the capsuleer what has happened and saying the colony should be destroyed and the cargo retrieved. Adek then runs to a cargo container, seals himself inside, and waits as the capsuleer destroys the colony.
  • There is a CreoDron boardroom that shows a view of the pale blue Carirgnottin I in front of a glowing crimson nebula through one of the clear walls. Dim starlight also shines through onto a large table that has a speaker set into the middle of it. It is in this boardroom the existence of a civilization in wormhole space was first brought to light, as well as where the decision was made to send a person through a wormhole.
  • An unnamed colony, located somewhere within Gallente space, but occupied by the Caldari State during YC111. Resources on this colony are scarce.
  • An unnamed asteroid colony in the middle of nowhere. Visitors are given coordinates and then their ship is disabled before they are brought inside. A city of stone is encased inside the asteroid and the colonists live off of it. Stalactites like cathedrals hang from above while stalagmites are hollowed out and used as buildings.

Notable planetary locations

There is a number of locations extant on planetary surfaces:


As with interstellar locations, though, there is also a number of planetside places whose exact nature, location, name or planetary origin is as yet unknown:

  • The Amarr Royal Court, where, among other things, Mind Clash is played.
  • There are various Caldari gambling halls, where, among other games, it is possible to see games of Mind Clash.
  • Several Society of Conscious Thought Kitzes exist.
  • King Khanid's stolen Titan, of whatever antique design it may be, is presumably floating around somewhere still, as Titans cannot be docked.
  • There is an unknown prisoner planet in the Minmatar Republic. Somewhere on the planet, in the middle of a desert surrounded by a swampy jungle, is a prison complex housing Amarr prisoners that have been secretly tried by Minmatar military courts and deemed a threat to freedom. Wild slaver hounds live in the jungle. Supplies are hot-dropped into the desert, where they are retrieved by specially selected prisoners. The guards at the camp cruelly force the prisoners to play "games" or risk severe punishment. Physical and sexual abuse of the prisoners is common, and prisoners are overworked in order to break their spirits. A man known as the King has escaped the prison camp and lives in a shack in the jungle. The guards and the King have some sort of agreement, as those who have found the King are spared participation in the guards' games.
  • In Gallente space, there is a somewhat rustic city with stone buildings and streets, wooden fences, narrow alleyways and cul-de-sacs. It is located in the hemisphere known for rough weather on the planet.

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