Crielere Research Laboratories

The Crielere Research Laboratories were a joint scientific endeavor between the Caldari State and Gallente Federation. The project was founded by Henric Touvolle and Taromi Umailen with heavy involvement from Duvolle Laboratories and Ishukone Corporation. During its short existence, it was responsible for several important scientific breakthroughs and was the center of massive controversy.

Crielere was the first to recognize the manufacturing potential of Morphite. Otro Gariushi, CEO of Ishukone, pledged that the technology would be freely available to anyone who wanted it.

Project termination

Blueprint theft

In January YC106, several valuable blueprints went missing from the Labs. Despite acknowledging the value of the blueprints, Crielere command downplayed their theft. The theft prompted a visit from President Souro Foiritan, who launched an official investigation into the thefts. This investigation concluded that top members of the Crielere project participated in the theft, and it was eventually revealed that Otro Gariushi was the mastermind behind the thefts. He justified his actions by stating the Caldari were the driving force behind the project's successes. The revelation caused the Federation Senate to withdraw funding from the project, resulting in the shutdown of large parts of the facility and the desertion of many scientists.

First Guristas assault

The project's founders issued a call for harmony, but it went mostly unheeded. The State and Federation withdrew all funding and pulled their security forces from the project. Touvolle and Umailen barricaded themselves inside with a group of loyal scientists and refused to abandon the project. Almost immediately, the station was assaulted by Guristas pirates.

Despite the absence of Federation or State security vessels, the station survived the assault thanks to the actions of a hastily organized pod pilot defense force. After several waves of fighting, the Guristas were forced out of the system. However, several scientists were killed in the fighting, including Kaiman Gunaris. The loss of life prompted many to urge the remaining Crielere scientists to surrender.

Following the attacks, many scientists began openly selling formerly classified blueprints on the open market.

Second Guristas assault

The Guristas launched another attack on the station, led by Jirai Laitanen aka. Fatal. Korako Kosakami aka. The Rabbit managed to breach and successfully kidnapped Touvolle and Umailen. As the pirate forces retreated with the scientists, Fatal's ship was destroyed and he was podded.

With Fatal incapacitated, the Guristas quickly began trying to get rid of the scientists, subsequently selling them Aritcio Kor-Azor. Following this, they withdrew completely from Crielere, leaving the station a ruined husk.

Hunt for the scientists

The sale of the scientists to Kor-Azor caused much outrage, with President Foiritan himself entering negotiations for their return. He eventually convinced Aritcio to release them in exchange for trade and mining rights in the Federation.

However, it was revealed that the two men freed were not the scientists, but rather Minmatar slaves who had managed to steal their identities. The slaves had been destined for sulfur mines on Inis-Ilix I. Rescue teams were dispatched to the planet to look for them as Aritcio demanded the return of the slaves. The Federation refused, claiming the slaves had been rightfully purchased, and freed them.

Touvolle and Umailen were eventually found starved to death on Inis-Ilix I. The Amarr then claimed the escaped slaves were actually rebel infiltrators who had made off with numerous secret Amarr documents.

The deaths of the scientists officially brought a close to the Crielere project.

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