Adek was a miner on board a mining station in lowsec space.

When first encountered, the majority of Adek's fellow station crew had fled following the beginning of the empires' wars. The rest were swiftly killed when pirates attacked the station, with only Adek managing to escape the initial assault.

He reached the Pit, the section of the asteroid that had been mined out extensively and had several tunnels that led right next to the vacuum of space. Adek initially planned to give up, but had a sudden burst of inspiration. He went to the Pit's control station and set off an alarm, drawing the entire pirate party to the Pit. He then remotely activated an MTAC to punch a hole into the vacuum, blowing several pirates into space and causing the rest to lose their weapons and become helpless.

Adek boarded an MTAC and finished off what he thought was the rest, destroying the MTAC in the process. Believing himself to be safe at last - and having used up every method of survival at his disposal - he discovered one pirate had stayed behind in the colony.

While waiting in panic for the pirate to arrive and kill him, Adek discovered that a capsuleer had arrived outside the colony. He sent out a distress call, telling the capsuleer what had happened and saying the colony should be destroyed and its cargo retrieved. Adek then ran to a cargo container, sealed himself inside, and waited as the capsuleer destroys the colony.

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