The Electric Museum

The Electric Museum is a station-based institution funded by the Caldari megacorps that displays previous technological advancements by the Caldari, focusing primarily on ship modules. The museum is free to enter, though it has some ticketed special sections.

The main area of the museum has modules protected under glass with holoprojectors that give text information on the modules. The museum has an option for the blind that allows them to touch the module as the information is read out to them.

A special section of the museum has modules that are sitting unprotected on pedestals, though they are not supposed to be touched by visitors. These modules are all from Kaalakiota Corporation and Sukuuvestaa Corporation and are the result of a forbidden affair between David, the former CEO of KK, and Yonate, the former CFO of SuVee.

Entrye Chrare is an aged curator of the museum who gives guided tours. Ruebin visited once and joined up with one of Entrye's tours, staying after for a private discussion of the exhibits.

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