Golgothan Fields

The Golgothan Fields are a bleak interstellar site of shipwrecks.

The Minmatar rebellion saw many battles, both on ground and in space. The largest of the space battles took place in the Ennur system a few weeks after the start of the rebellion.

The main Amarr battle fleet had returned from Jove space and intended to break the power of the rebels once and for all by sweeping through their core systems. The Minmatar met the Amarr with everything they had in a fierce battle that lasted for hours. In the end the Minmatar withdrew and the Amarr claimed victory, but the Minmatar had succeeded in disabling or destroying the best capital ships in the Amarr fleet, thus reducing their offensive strength dramatically.

Today the old battlefield, commonly known as Golgothan Fields, is littered with old shipwrecks and infested with pirates that have taken refuge in the giant hulks. They fiercely defend their base, but daring scavengers can still sneak in and rummage around.