EVE Gate

The EVE Gate is a giant jump gate located in the New Eden system. The letters "EVE" are prominently written over the top of the gate, although their meaning is unknown.

Although located three light-years from New Eden's star, the gate can be seen as a bright 'blob' in the sky. At this distance, it would take several years of high-speed travel to reach. The Sisters of EVE, and possibly others, conduct research on the gate despite the enormous amount of radiation it emits.

It is a common belief that, several millennia ago, humanity's ancestors traveled through this gate and its then-stable wormhole to populate the New Eden cluster. When the wormhole later collapsed, the colonies were severed from the worlds which sustained them, bringing a dark age upon the inhabitable worlds. Millions perished on other colonies in the ensuing chaos.

It is rumored that the wrecks of many ships destroyed during the gate's final days still float in the void around the EVE Gate. The lack of wreckage detected by scanners has not culled the speculation; some say that the ancient vessels have been cloaked by the Jove to prevent advanced technology from falling into the wrong hands.

The EVE Gate is part of the religious beliefs of the Sisters of EVE. They believe it to be a gift from God and that it is His will that they study it thoroughly and unlock its secrets. According to the Sisters, God lives on the other side of the gate.

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