Amarr Prime

Amarr Prime is the name of the Amarr homeworld. It was originally known as Athra before it was conquered by the people of the original Amarr continent, who lent the planet its present name. It is also the ancestral home of the Udorians and the Khanid.

It is the third planet in the Amarr system in the Domain region, and is the capital of the Amarr Empire.


Amarr Prime has two moons, though they are not large enough to cause solar eclipses.


Dam-Torsad, the planet's capital, is the largest city on the planet, sprawling for endless miles around. The True Amarr originated on the island bearing the same name. The planet also holds several known or even famous sites, such as the Tal-Romon Cathedral, Garden of Contemplation, and Court Chamberlain's antechamber.

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