Mekhios Graveyard

The Mekhios Graveyard is a wreckage field containing the remains of ships that were destroyed in the Battle of Mekhios, where the Imperial Navy made their stand against the Minmatar Elder invasion. A battle of epic proportions took place as both empires unleashed their ancient hatred of one another. Legend has it that untold numbers of Minmatar patriots lost their lives in an instant when Jamyl Sarum herself appeared on the battlefield. The question of how she could singlehandedly repel such a vast armada remains a mystery. Rumors of a secret superweapon abound; others swear that it was divine intervention which turned the Minmatar invaders into dust.

A few large fragments of specific ships, such as Naglfar class dreadnaughts, and Tempest, Apocalypse, and Armageddon class battleships are still identifiable, but all smaller ships were too damaged to remain identifiable. Rumors persist that there are still survivors on some ships, but this seems unlikely.

The graveyard can be found near the planet Mekhios in the Sarum Prime system in the Domain region.

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