City of God

The City of God is a ruined space-based city in Amarr space. Some 2000 years ago, megalomaniac Amarr Emperor Zaragram II set out on his most ambitious project: To 'get in touch' with his supernatural self. To accomplish this he set out to construct the City of God- a place worthy of divine residence.

The city was to be constructed in space, not bound to any earthly place, and was to be the eternal legacy of Zaragram's II greatness. Zaragram named his city Mezagorm, meaning "Vision of God", though it was commonly known as City of God. The emperor set out to uproot and eradicate many of the most sacred traditions in Amarr, replacing them with his own ideas on divinity.

Things came about differently than Zaragram wished. Just when the construction of his glorious city, located in the system of Shastal, was completed, emperor Zaragram was assassinated by his grandson and his city laid to waste. Later emperors, under pressure from the clergy, did their utmost to bury his memory.

Deep space is a gentle resting place and the ruins of Zaragram's city are still there to be seen. The city was a sprawling place and its scattered remains are visible for miles around. Some say that Zaragram's spirit still haunts the place, gliding between the rubble of his city, but others say that's only the looters

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