Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Day 1 Qualifying For AT10 Ends

  • YC114-06-30

    by ISD Magnus Balteus The first day of Round 1 qualifying comes to a close as Northern Coalition. fires the last shots into what remained of The Veyr Collective's fleet. The Merlin was the most fielded ship today with 24 of them seeing action. Survival rate was only 45.8% for these fragile frigates. The Sleipnir was the only command ship in use today with 18 fielded and a respectable survival rate of 66.7%. Tengus continue to be a popular choice of combat vessel with 8 being fielded. Unfortunately, [...]

    Interstellar Correspondents Begins ATX Coverage

    • YC114-06-30

      by ISD Magnus Balteus The galaxy-famous full spectrum Interstellar Correspondents' Tenth Alliance Tournament coverage site officially goes live this weekend! IC's AT X Coverage Sixty four teams face off today as the first round of qualifying begins. Teams will have a tough go of it as they try to field a combination for qualifying that will give them a win without showing the universe the tactics and formations they plan on using deeper into the tournament Rounding out the "Empire Collection" of prize [...]

      Federation Day YC114 Concludes

      • YC114-06-19

        by ISD Oriana Falere Dodixie, Sinq Laison - The annual Federation Day celebrations conclude, showing that Gallente pride is still strong. This year saw the inclusion of a live capsuleer music radio service as well as parade coverage presented by Andreus Ixiris, from Mixed Metaphor corporation. When interviewed on how Federation Day benefited the Federation, Andreus responded by saying that "It takes people's minds off the war and the Black Eagles". Another capsuleer, Anastazuis, created a [...]

        New Eden Radio Announce Betting Pool for Alliance Tournament X

        • YC114-06-16

          by ISD Ashen Talinthe New Eden Radio are hosting a betting pool for Alliance Tournament X. Capsuleers will be able to enter for a fee of 50 million ISK and will be able to place bets on up to 8 of their favourite alliances competing in the tournament. Winners will be determined by points. As their chosen alliances advance in the tournament, they will be awarded a certain number of points based on their chosen alliances placements. Prizes so far are in excess of 2.6 billion isk and this number will [...]

          Lotteries Growing in Popularity

          • YC114-06-04

            by ISD Angelus Faust Over the past few years lotteries have gradually become increasingly popular throughout New Eden. Recently, however, the industry has exploded with an estimated 50,000 pilots partaking in lotteries such as SOMERblink, Ships of EVE, and BIG Lottery. Almost every lottery has its own set of rules and characteristics; pilots should familiarise themselves with how a particular lottery works before gambling. Some of the first lotteries to dot New Eden began on the CONCORD pilot [...]