Federation Day YC114 Concludes

by ISD Oriana Falere

Dodixie, Sinq Laison - The annual Federation Day celebrations conclude, showing that Gallente pride is still strong.

This year saw the inclusion of a live capsuleer music radio service as well as parade coverage presented by Andreus Ixiris, from Mixed Metaphor corporation. When interviewed on how Federation Day benefited the Federation, Andreus responded by saying that "It takes people's minds off the war and the Black Eagles".

Another capsuleer, Anastazuis, created a communication channel solely for the event and also took the role as a freelance photographer, taking snapshots of the Federation Navy Ships in the parade and admitted to "loving" it when watching the parading ships. In his absence, Lugia3 began taking pictures to keep a record for future events.

Some well known names also attended to enjoy the occasion. Verone, the leader of the Gurisistas Loyalist Veto Corp, is believed to have commented that he likes to "keep tabs on current affairs" while he was at the ceremony.

The event officially commenced once the host of the evening, Alain Colcer, had arrived. Without wasting any time, Alain proceeded to the judging of the Mr and Miss Federation competitions. With the winners being announced as Captain Diomedes for Mr Federation while Meili Leng Shuijing took first place for Miss Federation, pushing the three time consecutive reigning winner Carlani Hudson to second place.

When asked about her feelings of coming in second, Carlani revealed it to be "a bit of a relief not being Miss Federation anymore" due to the hard work maintaining an image as well as expectations.

There was, as some had predicted, disruption to the event with the appearance of a Goonswarm Federation fleet under the command of Fleet Commander Dabigredboat. The suicide fleet struck in the heart of the event and succeeded in destroying several ships. When asked, Dabigredboat revealed the motive behind the attack: "As a member of the caldari homeworlds, the Federation sought to destroy my planet and harm my people. To allow them to celebrate today would be a crime."

After all was finished, Alain refelcted upon the event and expressed his belief that it was "more successful than last year's but in line with the celebrations of YC109". If Alain's feelings of continued success, from year to year, reflects those that attended the event then it may be fair to say that the future of Federation Day as well as the Gallente Federation as a whole will continue to be celebrated with pride.

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