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News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

The First Weekend of Pre Qualifying for Alliance Tournament IX Concluded

  • YC113-05-30

    The first weekend of Pre Qualifying is complete. The Tengu remained the most popular choice of ship to be fielded with 33 used over the course of the weekend. The remaining 4 ships in the top 5 were all Minmatar; Cyclone (27), Scimitar (24), Sabre (22), and Sleipnir (14). Teams now have a week to prepare for the second round of pre qualifying. Interstellar Correspondents has updated statistics and match reports available on our Alliance Tournament site. Come visit us at: Are you [...]

    BREAKING NEWS: Clear Skies III Released

    • YC113-05-29

      Yulai, Genesis - The third installment in the immensely popular "Clear Skies" series of holovids was publically released a short time ago. The new film sees the return of John Rourke and his only-slightly insubordinate crew and the fruits of its creator's substantial investment in production and post-production equipment and software. The film can be downloaded from The Interstellar Correspondents will return tomorrow with a full review. GalNet References Release [...]

      Day 1 of Alliance Tournament IX Pre Qualifying is Complete

      • YC113-05-29

        Day 1 of Pre Qualifying is complete. The most used ship so far has been the Tengu, with 16 fielded throughout the day. The Sabre came in second with 12 fielded. Day 2 matches will begin in just a few hours. Match reports and statistics that are available on the Interstellar Correspondents' website should give Day 2 combatants an idea of what teams are using and how they are using them. Come visit us at: Are you affected by the events in this article? Do you have information [...]

        Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

        • YC113-05-24

          Y113.04.01 - Y113.04.30 . The northern war between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC) has continued heating up, with almost all conquerable stations within the Geminate region falling to the attacking DRF. This escalation has seen fighting push on into the Vale of the Silent region, where further stations have changed hands. There is significant speculation that the NC has arranged an organised withdrawal into the key region of Tribute, the home of the Morsus Mihi alliance. [...]

          BIG Merchant Bank of EVE Celebrates Fifth Year of Operation

          • YC113-05-09

            Jita, The Forge - One of the oldest surviving publically-owned enterprises in New Eden, BIG Merchant Bank [BMBE] recently celebrated its fifth birthday. The BIG Merchant Bank is part of the BIG family of services run by Tornsoul. BIG is perhaps most famous for the BIG Lottery, but over the years a number of services have arisen based on BIG's reputation for honesty and reliability. Despite occasional setbacks and an attempt at an outright takeover by Eefrit from EVE Financial Services four years ago, [...]

            Heathen Achievement Award Winners Announced

            • YC113-05-08

              Kasrasi, Derelik - On 27.04.113, capsuleer Kazzzi of Heathen Legion announced the winner of the Heathen Achievement Award as Bahamut420. The competition received attention from Minmatar loyalists, especially followers of winner Bahamut420, who has since been stressing his efforts and achievements against the Amarr. Hans Jagerblitzen of Autocannons Anonymous explained: "No Minmatar warrior has spent more time covered in blood, sweat, and pod-goo than Bahamut420. He without a doubt deserves this award." [...]