Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Federal Defense Union to enter Alliance Tournament

  • YC110-12-19

    Orvolle - In a speech delivered yesterday from the Orvolle system, Federal Defense Union commander Corbolia Palmezine issued a challenge to the Union's pilots. Palmezine detailed a plan to identify the top capsuleers within the Union, and grant them the authority to organize a team to represent the union in the upcoming Alliance Tournament. Palmezine recognized the immense challenge posed by the Alliance tournament, but fully supported the decision to enter a team sponsored by the Federal Defense [...]

    Alliance Tournament VI Signups Open Tomorrow!

    • YC110-12-18

      The Sixth Alliance Tournament is fast approaching, and signups for this popular tournament will begin on Friday, 19th December at 11:00 GMT. You can find the sign-up page here. This year's tournament is not just limited to Alliances; Faction Militias has been invited to participate as well. You can learn more about the signup process for Alliances and Faction Militias here. We also recently announced our new team of Expert commentators who will join us in Iceland for the tournament in early February. [...]

      Returning Pirates Ambush CVA Fleet

      • YC110-12-18

        G-5EN2, Providence - It has been over a year since the last Celtic Anarchy fleet roamed the skies of New Eden. In recent weeks, however, the former corporations of Anarchy Empire have celebrated their old comrades' return with fast raiding gangs striking in Minmatar hit-and-run style. One such gang headed to Providence to set a trap for old foes Curatores Veritas Alliance (more commonly known as CVA). Sky Fox of Celtic Anarchy [K.O.S] spoke about the corporation's return: "The glorious workers and [...]

        Mistake Costs Pilot Billions

        • YC110-12-08

          Hedion, Domain, The Amarr Empire - Two weeks ago, a moment's forgetfulness cost Kaos Erebus an Obelisk and several billion ISK worth of cargo. The Sniggwaffe pilot, flagged as a -2.0 security risk in the global CONCORD database, entered the 1.0-rated Hedion system, triggering the stargate's automatic warning alarm. Within minutes, Sarum Family forces detained and destroyed his ship. He was forced to flee Hedion in his pod, leaving behind the remains of his personal goods in the wreck of the freighter. [...]

          Veto. Celebrates Third Birthday

          • YC110-12-03

            K3JR-J, Venal - The 20th of November marked the third birthday of notorious pirate corporation, Veto. Former Federation Citizen #D-03071984/FNA395 turned Gurista loyalist, Ethan Verone shed a little light on the corporation - its past, present and possible future. "We started out as a ten man corporation founded as an anti-CONCORD Assembly movement. There were tough times at first, as we attacked targets many times our size. When we eventually decided to allow ourselves to grow, the corporation grew [...]

            EVE Alliance Tournament VI

            • YC110-12-01

              The Sixth Alliance Tournament has been announced! We're returning with a full cast of commentators, experts, explosions and it will be broadcasted live! Read more in CCP Mindstar's dev blog, and head on over to discuss it in the EVE Alliance Tournament Discussions forum.