Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

State of the Militia

  • YC110-11-30

    Iesa - Nearly six months ago the Amarr militia was formed for the purpose of protecting the empire's interests. Since the very beginning we have had a smaller, but more dedicated force, which has fought tirelessly to dispatch the ships of our enemies and to secure occupancy over vital systems. In order to mark this milestone we have spoken to our fellow crusaders about their views on the state of the militia. Mad Scot, receiver of the Kourmonen Campaign Medal, was asked how he thought the militia has [...]

    Brotherhood of Sparta builds first known Orca Industrial Vessel

    • YC110-11-25

      On November 14th, 110 at 07:43, the Brotherhood of Sparta Corporation completed their first Orca industrial vessel. They believe this is the first ship of its kind to be produced following the public release of the long awaited blueprint. Amendment : Recently leaked ship manufacturing and registry information(viewable here) has indicated that the above data is incorrect. An update will be posted when we have more information. Most small corporations dream of being the first group to accomplish [...]

      First Sub-Capital Titan Kill Confirmed

      • YC110-11-23

        Following further investigation into the destruction of a RAZOR alliance Erebus on the 21st, sources have come to light revealing that this was not the first sub-capital titan kill. On 06.11.110, at approximately 01:30 am, the Erebus titan "Hope of Heaven," belonging to F4ze of Triumvirate. was destroyed after being bumped out from its sheltering control tower by Pandemic Legion agents. Mr Rive, of Black Omega Security corporation, piloting an Eris, trapped the super-capital within a warp interdiction [...]

        Heart torn from Racing League

        • YC110-11-19

          NEW EDEN - In a recent turn of events, capsuleer Gyra Rho, the heart of the Interstellar Racing League for the last 5 seasons, was forced to quit her position as race planner, organiser and official judge due to overwhelming commitments dirtside. In an official statement Ms Rho said 'Due to an unfortunate series of events, I will no longer be able to perform my duties as organizer of the Racing League...It is with a heavy heart that I do this on such short notice, but circumstances have diverted my [...]

          Iron Alliance Titan downed in VFK-IV

          • YC110-11-06

            Deklein - On the morning of the 22 nd August, Imperial Republic of the North (IRON) lost 1 titan to Band of Brothers (BoB) alliance forces. The Avatar class vessel, piloted by Capsuleer Lord2evil , was ambushed as it came into action to defend a cynosural jammer, according to the attackers reports. TheArchJudge , Public Relations representative of Finfleet and witness to the event, gave BoB's version of events: "SirMolle had something special planned for us. Having scanned the safe-spot the night [...]