Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

10 Questions for D2

  • YC109-05-20

    Janus Drake is a high ranking official within the X-Trading Company, one of the founding corporations of Dusk and Dawn. Dusk and Dawn (D2) is a large alliance based out of Branch and situated within the northern regions. D2 is known for their extensive diplomatic and industrial tactics, as well as being fierce fighters for their claimed space. Recently, great events have occurred surrounding D2 as their alliance numbers have varied and wars have sprung up. IC: What was the outcome of your assault into [...]

    State vindicated. Chemal implicated.

    • YC109-05-14

      With recently discovered information brought to more widespread attention, there are now implications of a far more scandalous situation than previously thought. In part two of an in-depth review, the Interstellar Correspondents will cover amongst other things, the recent actions of one Cras Evacone; a Gallente columnist who was pushing his own interpretation of events to the capsuleer community in Luminaire. Last Tuesday evening, almost at the same time as Varnen Maan was addressing the pilots of [...]

      An Interview with Inspector Xavier

      • YC109-05-13

        LUMINAIRE – I received an invitation from Inspector Xavier, the newly appointed commander of the regional Drugs Squad of Placid, to his office at the headquarters of the Federation Customs. He was very keen on explaining to me what his team had done during the four weeks of their deployment within the region. Currently this part of space is seeing a major increase in the usage of the drug ‘Rise', so I accepted his invitation and after inspecting his new team we got down to business over a bottle of [...]