Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Band of Brothers Shipyard Destroyed: Contents Unknown

  • YC109-03-30

    The conflict that has gripped New Eden escalated to a previously unseen level today during a coalition assault on a Band of Brothers capital shipyard in F-TE1T. An unprecedented array of capital ships were present during the attack and the Coalition lost dozens in the successful effort to take down the structure. The aftermath proved to be a salvager’s dream with a wasteland of wreckage left behind and both sides claiming victory. When the explosions cleared, BoB had lost their tower and capital yard, [...]

    The home of hedonism, risen from the ashes.

    • YC109-03-29

      The renowned Cats Whiskers reopened last week, following a six-month closure to refurbish the club after it was ravaged by an unexplained fire. The proprietors Bressty Chastaine and Paul Giselle have been busy since opening night promoting the nightclub as “the premiere nightspot for hedonism in the Federation.” Following the destruction of the club some six months ago, it was thought by many that the infamously decadent Cats Whiskers was doomed to fade into obscurity like so many other pleasure hubs [...]

      M.Corp Leaves Lotka Volterra

      • YC109-03-05

        Velios, CEO of M.Corp and former executor corporation of the Lotka Volterra (LV) alliance has released a statement announcing their withdrawal from LV due to the war's toll on M.Corp. Lotka Volterra's history stretches back 15 months ago when M.Corp, along with the corporations Shinra and UKC, carved out a slice of space in the Tenerifis region after a short but fierce engagement with Red Alliance, the two entities sharing significant Eve history with one another. Their initial plans were to build an [...]

        Diplomatic manoeuvrings dominate conflict

        • YC109-03-01

          NEW EDEN - Although the past week may have been on the quiet side with regards major battles, the conflict continues apace. Consolidation has been the watch word as both sides reflect upon a tumultuous opening to proceedings. Even if the battlefield was quieter, diplomatic announcements still managed to create waves: Mercenary Coalition takes Band of Brothers contract : Mercenary Coalition has officially been contracted by BoB. Last Tuesday it was announced that what had prior been the subject of [...]