Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Making It BIG

  • YC108-05-19

    BIG corporation celebrates the third anniversary of its galaxy renowned lottery program this coming Monday. The prize money is ever-increasing but, at last count, it exceeded 11 billion ISK already - not to mention a coveted Navy Issue Megathron and many other goodies. TornSoul, CEO of BIG corporation is thrilled by the donations that have allowed such a huge prize. "We had planned to just assure there would be at least 3 billion in cash prizes... A sponsor, out of the blue, approached us asking if it [...]

    Third Anniversary for BIG Lottery

    • YC108-05-18

      This coming Monday will mark the third anniversary of the BIG lottery, a biweekly event which has become one of the most widespread and successful gambling enterprises in known space, capping off what has been a month of major milestones for the BIG Corporation. What began 3 years ago as a fledgling entry into the galaxies vast gambling industry, with just 38 participants and a 6.6 million ISK prize pool, today stands as one of the premiere privately run gambling operations in civilised space. [...]

      War Erupts in the South

      • YC108-05-17

        PARAGON SOUL - Last week saw a breakdown in the relationship between the two alliances Tribal Souls and Ascendant Frontier. Breaches of confidence, combined with resource and outpost placement disputes, reportedly led to a slowly building crescendo of diplomatic ill-will. The end result: a capital fleet supported by hundreds of smaller vessels was deployed by ASCN for precision strikes in key systems of the Paragon Soul region. Facing little resistance, they quickly conquered and destroyed all of [...]

        Dark Angels continue savage attacks in Curse.

        • YC108-05-11

          CURSE. The last few days have seen an alarming resurgence in reports of Dark Angels hostilities in the troubled southern region, with some victimized pilots now claiming that the sheer organizational lethality of the corporation suggests something deeper is amiss. The attacks came in the same manner as before, either victims were lured in by a fake distress signal, or they were ruthlessly engaged wherever they were found. Attempts to communicate with the pilots were met with silence. “I was traveling [...]

          Riddles Solved by Burn Eden

          • YC108-05-07

            Nine hours after the official announcement, Shin Ra and Heinky of Burn Eden managed to come up with solutions to all of the eleven riddles from Ruevo Aram’s will. Following the victory, a Caldari State official made this announcement: "As a part of our deal with Ruevo, we will honor his request and erect a statue commemorating the winners. May his soul rest in peace, and congratulations to Burn Eden." The whereabouts of the statue remain uncertain, although Jita is rumoured to have been chosen by the [...]