Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Non-agression pact negotiations go awry - war sparks up between former allies

  • YC108-01-31

    At 16:00 the allies Band of Brothers and Stain- Alliance find themselves at war after negotiations regarding SA’s ceasefire with FIX had taken a turn for the worse. Following a non-agression deal made between FIX and SA, Orc A, Stain- Alliance diplomat, posted a thread on GalNet today that the terms offered to FIX were rejected. The reasons for the hostilities seem complicated. Apparently, SA added a clause after the deal between SirMolle and TRIGGER was agreed to by all parties. The added clause [...]

    Political breakdown in the north sparks a new conflict

    • YC108-01-31

      The bitter conflict between the allied forces of The Forsaken Empire, Phoenix Alliance and NBSI against The Five is hurriedly being re-evaluated today as The Forsaken Empire, widely acknowledged to have fielded the bulk of the forces on that side of the conflict, publicly announced that it has broken its ties with NBSI and the Phoenix Alliance to form a new coalition with The Five. This announcement came only a few days after the announcement of a Non Aggression Pact between the two alliances. [...]

      Respected ship production outfit reopens for business

      • YC108-01-25

        Hadean Drive Yards – one of the oldest Capsuleer-pilot owned corporations in the Eve cluster announced earlier this month that it would be returning to business after it was forced into closure following a corporate theft several months earlier. HDY is known by many for its specialisation in the construction of star ships. OverKill – CEO and Founder of HDY took the time to talk with the Interstellar Correspondents about the Corporation’s long history and future plans, in an interview that took place [...]

        Amarrian loyalists clash with Gallente nationalist alliance

        • YC108-01-18

          Last fortnight saw the Aegis Militia declare a formal war against The Cyrene Initiative after an apparent escalation in hostilities between the two alliances. While casual observers speculated on the GalNet Communications Network as to the reasons behind the conflict, it became apparent that pilots within The Cyrene Initiative had provoked the hostilities; either through direct aggression on AM shipping or through other actions which the Aegis Militia had deemed a threat to their wellbeing. Speaking [...]

          The Serpents strike back with the first carrier.

          • YC108-01-15

            Residents of Fountain would be forgiven for being surprised at the sight, as the Serpentis Corporation set forth. Intent on engaging the Band of Brothers (BoB) Alliance, the Serpents brought a fleet that consisted of several Vindicators and a Thanatos carrier to the Delve region, where BoB have been quite busy in various locales. BoB were quick to respond against the attacking force which included elements of Celestial Apocalypse, Vertigo Coalition, and the Fountain Alliance. They met with the forces [...]

            Border Disagreement Escalates into War

            • YC108-01-15

              While calls for a stable, unified south have been common sight on the GalNet channels lately, it would seem that they will not be fulfilled in the near future; the northern forces had barely began moving out when a new conflict emerged in the regions, this time between former allies, namely the Stain- Alliance and Firmus Ixion. Tensions started when FIX had reset their standings towards the SA to neutral thereby invoking friendly-fire incidents. Elaborating on the issue, Gritt Pebbledasher, one of the [...]

              IRON/G Reclaim Deklein Territories

              • YC108-01-12

                Late last week the Band of Brothers (BoB) alliance, and the Coalition of the Imperial Republic Of The North (IRON) together with the G Alliance, clashed heavily in the Deklein region, resulting in the withdrawal of BoB and the surrender of the system JU-OWQ and its outpost to the attacking force. In the early afternoon of last Thursday a sizeable contingent of IRON, G and associated ships entered the JU-OWQ system under the sovereignty of BoB. Their target, a large control tower, had been reduced to [...]