Amarr and Gallente Diplomats Hail Progress on "Mutual Astropolitical Understanding"

New Eden News | YC125-03-10 - By Lina Ambre

pashanai memorial at mow stn Above: Pashanai Bombing Memorial in orbit of Ministry of War Station

Amarr and Gallente Diplomats Hail Progress on "Mutual Astropolitical Understanding"

Pashanai, Genesis – The Amarr Empire's Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor and the Gallente Federation's Councillor Wayaki Kayara have issued a joint progress report from diplomatic talks between the two major empires at the ACN station in Pashanai system. Lady Kor-Azor and Councillor Kayara both expressed "considerable optimism" as to the progress of the talks and the possibility of achieving "mutual astropolitical understanding", as the joint communique put it.

Talks between the Empire and Federation diplomats have been underway for several days in response to a major rapprochement between the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic. Empress Catiz I and President Celes Aguard are both said to be keen to come to a swift agreement on a new policy of mutual "non-intervention" in their respective spheres of influence.

It is widely predicted that the Empire and Federation will cease all militia warzone hostilities between their respective forces should the State and Republic conclude a treaty of non-aggression, as now seems all but a foregone conclusion to most observers. Caldari and Minmatar diplomatic delegations have been exchanged in visits to the respective home worlds as the final treaty details are negotiated ahead of formal signing ceremonies.

fn stronghold intaki prime Above: Federation Navy Stronghold in orbit of Intaki Prime

Domestic Reactions Differ as Federation and Empire Public Absorb News

Intaki, Placid – Domestic critics of President Celes Aguard have been swift to condemn what they see as "a complete abdication of our responsibilities to interstellar civilization beyond our borders", as Senator Suvio Bellaron of Intaki Prime put it during a press conference in the city of Lenoika. The Federation public appears somewhat startled by the pace of the diplomatic developments, though snap opinion polling indicates a guarded welcome for the prospect of improved relations with the Amarr Empire.

Pro-Aguard Senator Faron Shu, visiting Federation Navy installations in Placid region, responded by saying: "Suvio Bellaron always wants to intervene in somebody else's business. No affair is too small or too great: the proceedings of the New Riennes City Council, how the Jin-Mei organize Chandeille, the military affairs of the Amarr Empire, perhaps even an expedition to the outer regions. But woe betide anyone intervene in his precious Intaki system if Suvio Bellaron isn't in a position to take credit somehow."

In the Amarr Empire, comment around the Royal Court, and from major Holder houses more generally, has been laudatory of the new policy. Military hardliners and mercantile houses alike have had many of their recent concerns assuaged by the prospect of improved strategic and trade dividends. "The general feeling among the, shall we say, more worldly Amarr nobles seems to be that improved trade opportunities with the Federation and the potential to isolate the Republic strategically is worth sacrificing a military alliance that many have come to see as less valuable," said Professor Isidore Colkata of Caille University's Department of Contemporary Amarr Studies.

cn dn anch onnamon Above: Caldari Navy Dreadnoughts anchor at new naval facilities in Onnamon system

News in Brief

  • Minmatar Republic Prime Minister Tobias Efrit Attends Reception at CEP Spire in Landfall City, New Caldari Prime

  • Caldari Diplomatic Delegation to Matar Led by Hyasyoda CEO Ahtonen Osmon Arrives with Republic Fleet Honor Guard

  • Caldari Navy Strongholds in Onnamon System Receive Fresh Squadrons of Capital Ships and Escorts

  • Guristas Pirates Raid on Caldari Supply Base in Syndicate Foiled by Intaki Space Police Reinforcements

  • Heavy Militia Fighting in Auga as 24th Imperial Crusade Seeks to Break Through in Heimatar Region

  • Turnur System Remains Under Amarr Control as Struggle With Minmatar Over Eugidi Constellation Continues

  • Federal Evacuations from Eugales as Caldari State Protectorate Forces Sweep Through Pegeler Constellation

  • Caldari State Orders CONCORD and EDENCOM to Cease Warzone Operations "Related to Technology Acquisition and Suppression"

  • CONCORD Anti-Warclone and Counter-AI Units Carry Out Demolition and "Total Purge" Actions Ahead of Fall of Eugales

  • "Renegade PMCs" Involved in Smuggling "Vast Quantities of Quantum Entangled 4-Helium" Out of Placid Warzone

  • Clashes in Lenoika City on Intaki Prime as Federal Marines Breach Textile Quarter Barricade in "Pursuit of Terrorists"

  • Kainta Yavaat Spaceport Military Storage Yard Shelled by "Smart Mortar"; Federal Marines APCs Reported Destroyed

  • "Pro-Federation" Idama Assassinated by Sniper Fire While Working in Rice Fields of Lenoika Coast Monastery

  • Visiting Senate Delegation and Intaki Assembly Executive Council Issue Joint Call for Calm Amidst Intaki Prime Violence

  • "Extreme Energy Discharges" Detected in Atmosphere of Shabura V by Civilian Ships Fleeing Sansha's Nation Incursion

  • Blood Raider Covenant Bases in Aridia Attacked by Onikanabo Brigade and Royal Uhlans Mercenaries

  • Angel Cartel Carries Out Lightning Raid on Faspera V Archaeological Survey Base Evading Ammatar Fleet Response