BREAKING - Further Stargate Shutdowns Ordered Across New Eden as Spacetime Instabilities Increase

New Eden News | YC122-10-13 - By Lina Ambre

Yulai, Genesis - More stargate shutdowns have been taking place across regions surrounding the systems occupied by the Triglavian Collective under the SCC Stargate Security Directorate's emergency protocol. Regions affected so far are Domain, Molden Heath, Everyshore and several are either shut down by now or in the process of being shut down.

EDENCOM has confirmed that AEGIS commandos are present on stargates connecting to the occupied systems in an attempt to carry out the "ultimate contingency", believed to be a plan to destroy the stargates. However, the scale of spacetime instabilities has reportedly taken AEGIS by surprise. Difficulty in even boarding the stargates due to the extreme nature of the gravitational distortions now taking place has been encountered by at least one team according to the Scope's Ret Gloriaxx, reporting from Ennur in Molden Heath.

Local control authorities and maintenance crews are also said to be out of contact with the outside world, hampering AEGIS efforts to secure core stargate systems and carry out what is assumed to be an effort to trigger massive fusion reactor overloads to destroy the stargate infrastructure itself. Time is evidently running out as potential catastrophe looms.

In Other News

  • Final Evacuation Flight from Skarkon Destroyed by Triglavian Werpost Batteries; Casualties Unknown

  • Further Reports from Skarkon Parliament Station Indicate Triglavian Ships Docking and Troops Boarding in Force.

  • Amarr Navy Squadron Destroyed in Raravoss After Crossing from Zaimeth in Response to Triglavian Buildup

  • Communications from Vale Chemal Tech and Material Acquisition Stations Report Triglavian Incursions

  • Skeleton Crews at Sakenta State War Academy Broadcast Final Message: Triglavian Boarders Flooding Station