All "Cursed" Refugees Now in Quarantine on Gallente Prime

New Eden News | YC120-11-01 - By Lina Ambre

Caille, Gallente Prime - Cheers were muted this morning after the arrival of the final batch of Lirsautton VI refugees and their subsequent sequestration within the Jen Yiona Hospital biocontainment unit. Capsuleers from various organizations, including the United Neopian Federation and Arataka Research Consortium, aided in the evacuations, under the terms of the agreement brokered by the Ensinate of Central Garoun, which took place over several days.

While it is standard procedure for refugee immigrants to Gallente Prime to undergo medical checks before exposure to the general population, the hospital has sought additional security personnel in response to declarations from self-described "Nation Citizen" Evi Polevhia, an employee of Phoenix Naval Operations and participant in the escorting capsuleer fleet. During the refugee evacuation, Citizen Evi Polevhia announced, "I will go where I please and execute the duties given to me by higher powers as I see fit," and later suggested that "the job is not finished," in regards to previous Sansha's Nation incursions within the Federation.

When reached for comment, Doctor Arturio Kiervalani of Aidonis Medical clarified the need for security measures, "We cannot take even an implication of Sansha's Nation infiltration lightly. The quarantine period will have to be double what it would have been, though that's partially due to the poor health of the refugees." Doctor Kiervalani has been a leading medical professional in the humanitarian aid effort on Lirsautton VI, as part of the Aidonis Foundation efforts to resolve the crisis.

A representative from the Ensinate's Office of Immigration reaffirmed that upon the completion of medical treatment, testing, and vaccinations, the refugees will be placed into tailored integration programs. These year-long programs typically include being matched with a resident guide, provided housing, and offered universal translator implant suites. The Office of Immigration performs biannual checks on immigrants after their graduation from the program.

Garouni Royal Communications thanked the United Neopian Federation, the Arataka Research Consortium, and ARC public liaison Jaret Victorian on behalf of the royal family: "It is a joyous day but one tinged with sadness. The Ensinate of Central Garoun celebrates the safe arrival of our new citizens, but we mourn for those who did not have the chance to come here," the press release stated.

The fate of those who first broadcast a call for help has turned out to be a tragic one. The Aidonis Foundation reported the discovery of Mao Jin's body during the Lirsautton VI evacuation, along with the bodies of others believed to have been members of her tribe. Community-organized vigils will be held after the refugees leave the hospital.