Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Join the 6th annual New Years’ EVE Celebration in Umokka on December 31st

  • YC116-12-30

    by ISD Tedra Kerrigan Umokka, The Forge - New Eden Radio's New Years' Eve fireworks show will once more be lighting up the night in Umokka on December 31st. As in previous years, the fireworks show will be held outside the Moon 4 Caldari Navy Testing Facilities. New Eden Radio will be providing the music as well as a carrier and other prizes that will be up for grabs. Fireworks in Umokka Last year's event was a hit, with around 250 capsuleers from all walks of life in New Eden strutting their stuff in [...]

    Standings Organization TSCA Celebrates 5th Anniversary

    • YC116-12-12

      by ISD Tedra Kerrigan The Standings Corrections Agency (TSCA) recently celebrated its 5th year of operation - congratulations! TSCA, run by Imiarr Timshae, is celebrating this milestone by offering an EVE University course on the 12th of December on "Standings and Standings Mechanics" at 23:00 UTC. TSCA will also be offering 15% off of their going service fee for the next 5 weeks. Standings are a passion of Timshae; "You're literally fresh off the bus and the first missions you are offered will cause [...]