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News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

IC Covers ATX Finals

  • YC114-07-22

    by ISD Serathu Ashk Now half-way through the finals of Alliance Tournament X, the Interstellar Correspondents continues to provide up to date coverage through it's dedicated website: IC's AT X Coverage With a variety of features including Schedules/Results, Knockout Brackets and Statistics along with easy access to the catch-up videos from previous matches, there's everything you need to keep up with the tournament action. We're also proud to be providing much of the data on EVE TV and of course we [...]

    EACS Giving Away 3 Years Worth of PLEX

    • YC114-07-19

      by ISD Tedra Kerrigan Estel Arador Clone Services is hosting a giveaway, open to current and former members of the jump clone corporation, which will see three lucky capsuleers walking away with 12 months worth of PLEX The first set of 12 PLEX was donated by Estel Again, an associate of Estel Arador who started the corporation, while the second and third sets were donated by Alacta Lithia, current owner and manager of EACS, and SOMER Blink, the famed lottery corporation. The competition is open to [...]

      IC Tournament Coverage Continues

      • YC114-07-14

        by ISD Magnus Balteus Interstellar Correspondents continues its Coverage of the Tenth Alliance Tournament as the group stages continue. IC's AT X Coverage Today marks the first of three days of group stages as teams fight it out for a spot in the finals next Sunday. Teams have been scrambling to find the winning combination of ship and tactics to make it to the end. Interstellar Correspondents' tournament site contains a wealth of data and information that may just make that happen. In addition to [...]

        Alliance Tournament X studio weekends begin today

        • YC114-07-14

          With CCP Soundwave returning triumphant from the 'Feet of Fire' dance tournament we are ready for the first weekend of Alliance Tournament action from our brand new studio. Tune in to catch all the action on EVE TV from 15:00 UTC today and keep an eye on the forums for our 'Predict the Winner' competitions to win PLEX as well as Logitech and EON goodies. Our commentators have arrived safely and will bring you analysis from the studio throughout the day. CCP Alice and Loxy have been working to provide [...]

          Alliance Tournament X continues this weekend!

          • YC114-07-06

            The first weekend of Alliance Tournament X pre-qualifying rounds has seen some intense action with over 27 billion ISK of ships and modules destroyed, and now it's time for more! The second pre-qualifying round of the Alliance Tournament starts tomorrow at 15:00 GMT and will be streamed through our main site and available at the CCP channel on own3D. You can visit the site and click the 'Follow' button to get alerts when the stream goes live. The full schedule is available on our main page along with [...]