Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

9 years of BIG lottery – Anniversary lottery

  • YC114-04-30

    Celebration time! EVE Online is celebrating soon 9 years of existence and so will the BIG Lottery. For nine years the BIG Lottery made dreams come true and made people billionaires overnight. To celebrate this remarkable anniversary, the BIG Lottery 9 Year Anniversary round is open from Monday, April 30, to Sunday, May 13, offering the chance to win massive amounts of ISK and 21 months of free gameplay. Full details are available on the BIG Lottery 9 Year Anniversary page and on our forums here.

    Drone Regions Could Suffer Without Extracted Alloys

    • YC114-04-25

      The Drone Regions have undergone a dramatic reshaping as CONCORD begin issuing bounties upon the destruction of Rogue Drones. In line with this change, valuable extracted drone alloys are no longer available. Zazhas, an officer within Ethereal Dawn [ED], believes that these changes will bring about “more co-operation" between miners and combat pilots. When it comes to manufacturing, he feels that while transport of goods can be problematic in null-sec, these changes may require a few more imports. [...]

      SOMER Blink Giveaway Celebration

      • YC114-04-17

        ​SOMER Blink, the EVE instant lottery corporation, has reached a record 150 Trillion ISK in distributed prizes, and is holding a monster giveaway celebration to mark the milestone. Prizes include an Erebus Titan or 100 Billion ISK, a Heretic BPO, a Titan BPO of the winner's choice, a supercarrier BPO of the winner's choice and more. In addition, they have also given away over 600 Billion ISK worth of prizes via free Promo blinks, with several days still left on the celebration. The SOMER blink site, [...]

        Third Seyllin Conference Announced

        • YC114-04-17

          Seyllin, Essence; The third annual Seyllin Conference has been announced. It will take place on the 26th and 27th of May this year, starting at 22:00 on both days. The conference will be held in the Planet 8, Moon 14 CreoDron station, and all capsuleers are welcome to attend. The conference will be spread over two days, the first day covering 'Phenomena and Discoveries', and the second will cover 'Fighting the Nation Threat'. The conference, originally the brainchild of Julian Soter and the leadership [...]