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News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Pandemic Legion Wins Alliance Tournament VIII

  • YC112-06-21

    Pandemic Legion has been crowned champions of Alliance Tournament VIII! Three time alliance tournament winner Pandemic Legion will take home the first prize of 50 Adrestia Heavy Assault Cruisers, a Gold Medal for each participant, and 50 Billion ISK. Second place team HYDRA RELOADED will receive 50 Utu Assault Frigates, a Silver Medal for each participant, and 25 Billion ISK. Pandemic Legion brought in an all-Minmatar fleet for their lossless win over HYDRA RELOADED in the final match of Alliance [...]

    First Day of Alliance Tournament VIII Finals Comes to a Close

    • YC112-06-20

      First day of the Finals has concluded. Tomorrow will be the last day of the tournament, and the champions will be named. Many of the experienced tournament participants are still alive and matches are expected to heat up as they lay it all on the line for the win. For more information about today's matches including full reports, stats, pictures, and high definition catch up videos, please visit: Are you affected by the events in this article? Do you have information regarding another [...]

      6 Titans Destroyed in Venal Battle

      • YC112-06-17

        6NJ8-V, Venal - Further to yesterday's "Breaking News" it is now known that a total of 6 titans and 3 supercarriers were destroyed in the battle between Northern Coalition forces and White Noise. and their allies. 6NJ8-V is the main Rebellion Alliance staging system in Venal; White Noise. had attacked and reinforced the main staging tower there on the 15.06.112 and Rebellion marshalled to defend and repair it with support on the field from Stella Polaris and more on the way from Morsus Mihi, RAZOR [...]

        Alliance Tournament 8 - The Final Showdowns

        • YC112-06-17

          Its time, the finale of the EVE Online Alliance Tournament will be broadcast LIVE this weekend via EVE TV on the 19 th and 20th from 14:50 GMT. CCP is giving away 50 unique ships to both the first and second place teams, as well as 50 Billion ISK to the winners. Check out this dev blog for more information! You can join CCP Soundwave, special Developer guests and a host of PVP Experts in our studio show and watch all the matches each day in glorious High Definition. You can tune in here to catch all [...]

          BREAKING NEWS: Titans Fall in Venal

          • YC112-06-16

            6NJ8-V, Venal - Three titans - an Erebus, an Avatar and a Ragnarok - flying for Northern Coalition alliances RAZOR Alliance and Morsus Mihi have been confirmed downed in the system of 6NJ8-V where intense fighting is taking place between RAZOR and White Noise. Participants in the battle have reported over 1,000 pilots in the system where White Noise, Red Alliance and their allies allegedly had set a trap for the Northern Coalition supercapital forces. There are rumours of more titans dead along with [...]

            Qualifying Has Ended For the Eighth Alliance Tournament

            • YC112-06-14

              Round Two of Qualifying has ended. Next week will mark the beginning of the Finals for Alliance Tournament VIII. Interestingly enough, the Drake has dropped from the number one slot down to a tie in third with the Scimitar at 52 fielded. The top ships fielded to date are the Dramiel and Hurricane at 61 each. Second place is the Rook at 54 fielded. Finals begin next weekend. With only a handful of flagships fielded so far, the Finals are shaping up to be a show of force as the rest of the teams put [...]

              AT8 Day 3 - Video Replays, Reports, Stats and More

              • YC112-06-13

                The third day of qualifying has ended for the Eighth Alliance Tournament. The Drake continues to remain the top ship fielded so far in this tournament with 46 fielded to date. The Rook is nibbling it's way to the top slot, with 44 used in matches to date. The Scimitar remains the top logistics cruiser; with 43 fielded so far, it continues to widen the gap between runner-up Guardian at 19. With hopes for the Finals on the line this weekend, teams are stepping up and showing some creativity in their [...]

                Second week of Qualifying has begun for the Eighth Alliance Tournament

                • YC112-06-12

                  The second day of qualifying has begun for the Eighth Alliance Tournament. Three flagships have been fielded so far with one lost, will more be fielded this round? The Brutix is the highest fielded ship with seven so far and 100% survival. The Drake remains the top ship fielded so far in this tournament with 34 fielded last week. One again we will be providing match results, statics and high definition videos (when available) for each match as the tournament progresses. All of this is available at: [...]

                  AT8 Day 2 - Video Replays, Reports, Stats and More

                  • YC112-06-07

                    The second day of qualifying has ended for the Eighth Alliance Tournament. The Drake remains the top ship fielded so far in this tournament with 34 fielded this weekend. Once again the Rook is inching it's way to the top slot, with 31 used in matches to date. The Scimitar remains the top logistics cruiser by a comfortable margin, with 30 fielded so far. With the first weekend now behind them, the teams will be analyzing the match data this week as they prepare to step it up next weekend for a shot at [...]

                    Paradigm Alliance Embarks on Mercenary Life

                    • YC112-06-06

                      Urlen, The Forge - This latest part in a series of articles on the mercenary forces of New Eden examines newcomers, Paradigm Allliance. It was created on 112.04.18 and claims to have taken down ships worth billions of ISK, including strategic cruisers and faction battleships, in the short span of its existence. According to Rishard DuMonte, spokesman for Paradigm, the alliance was created "to provide a stable and flexible base for professional mercenary corporations to combine their talents and [...]

                      AT8 Day 1 - Video Replays, Reports, Stats and More

                      • YC112-06-06

                        The first day of qualifying for the 8th Alliance Tournament has come to an end. Last year's alliance tournament saw the Rook dominate the tournament with 97 fielded across the entire three weekends. Second up was the Ishkur assault frigate with 78 being fielded. Although it is only the first day of qualifying, it appears that the Drake is the ship of choice with 22 being fielded today alone. Surprisingly, 18 Dramiel faction frigates have been fielded already; tournament VII saw none of these ships [...]

                        Alliance Tournament 8 - Better Than Ever

                        • YC112-06-02

                          Alliance Tournament 8 starts this weekend and this year you can tune in to all the matches! How? CCP Stevie SG's newest dev blog has all the details, including prize information and a picture of the beautiful ship winners will receive. You can read her new blog here.