Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Trading Centers of New Eden

  • YC109-10-24

    Have you ever wondered where to find the perfect spot to sell all of your excess Veldspar? Ever searched endlessly for the cheapest ship across the universe? Trading hubs are dynamic economic centers scattered throughout the New Eden galaxy, being stocked and depleted by a plethora of corporations and individual traders. Trading hubs are centralized systems semi-regularly spaced throughout New Eden which have, for some reason or another, attracted many private investors, merchants, and traders. There [...]

    What is an Empire Control Tower Good For Anyway?

    • YC109-10-04

      Throughout the areas of the cluster known as empire space, there is an abundance of Starbase Charters that are available to capsuleers, and this begs the question; what exactly is the use for an empire based control tower and its associated assemblies? An empire control tower can only be erected within a star system with a mid-level CONCORD rating. To even consider deployment of a tower, the prospective corporate entity must be held in high regard by the local political and / or controlling corporate [...]

      Mercenary Coalition Titan destroyed.

      • YC109-10-03

        On September 28 at 12:30 EST, the Mercenary Coalition's first Titan-class vessel was destroyed by a joint fleet consisting of pilots from Red Alliance [RA] and Against ALL Authorities [AAA]. The Ragnarok-class behemoth named Armageddon Dawn found its final resting place in FAT-6P, a system located in the south-eastern part of the Catch region. The Interstellar Correspondents travelled to FAT-GP and spoke with several people who played key roles in the destruction of the Titan in an effort to find out [...]

        Dark Shikari on market manipulation

        • YC109-10-03

          The manipulation of markets is an old strategy that has seen success at the hands of many entrepreneurial capsuleers willing to gamble their fortunes. In the frontier economies of his enemies, market veteran Dark Shikari has created sizeable profits buying and reselling. Whilst Shikari may not have effectively hindered the economic or logistic foundations of his foes in the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, he has nonetheless found himself much richer thanks to their patronage. He is known to many as [...]

          x13 pilots score first low-sec Mothership kill.

          • YC109-10-01

            Last Sunday, the Tama system of The Citadel region saw the first low-sec Mothership loss. The Nyx, belonging to pilot The End, was set upon by a small x13 gang and quickly destroyed. Recent weeks have shown an increasing frequency for supercapital losses. Despite this, the kill scored by x13 forces was itself unprecedented. It was the first time a Mothership had been downed within the confines of Empire controlled space, where conventional interdiction methods do not work against the EW-Immune [...]