Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Struggle for Stability Continues in the South-East

  • YC108-07-28

    INSMOTHER. War is still raging in the south-eastern regions of New Eden, as operations against the coalition were intensified by the Red Alliance. Stepping up military efforts in its former territories, the Red Alliance has regained sovereignty in the C-J6MT Factory and momentarily that of the F2A-GX Refinery in the Insmother region. Several Capital-class encounters have marked the campaign over the last few weeks, most notable of which was the second Capital-class only fleet fielded by the RA against [...]

    Alliance PvP Tournament - Final Day Summary

    • YC108-07-25

      The last day of the tournament saw Band of Brothers move through the final rounds and secure victory and the first prize against Ascendant Frontier. Proving it is not just destructive power that wins matches, both teams went into the final with an extremely well thought out line-up and found after thirty minutes of fighting that they were evenly matched against each other and unable to break the opposition’s defence. The final came down to an interceptor dual, which saw both teams field Crow class [...]

      Alliance PvP Tournament - Day Five

      • YC108-07-25

        The final day of the group stages was one marred by the most forfeits in the competition, but those games that did go ahead provided some firsts for the Tournament. Saturday saw the first tied game of the tournament between Ascendant Frontier and Electus Matari which ended with no kills on either side. While Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate surprised commentators with a deliberate loss against Kaos Empire, in an apparent attempt to manipulate the tournament in their favour and fight Band of Brothers [...]

        Alliance PvP Tournament - Day Four

        • YC108-07-22

          Day four of the Alliance PvP Tournament was one of few surprises but the results it generated ensured that Saturday will tense in a few groups. Some unique tactics including smart bombing fleet commanders podding their own players and mining lasers on Megathrons were the highlight of a day that was spoiled by a large number of forfeits. With the tournament moving into the Second Round, many alliances appeared to have given up both on qualifying and the Caldari Navy Raven on offer as compensation. The [...]

          Alliance Tournament - Day Three

          • YC108-07-17

            Day three of the Alliance Tournament saw several teams securing their place in the next stage of the competition with a third consecutive win in their group; while others tipped as favourites to win Sunday’s matches surprised commentators as they were defeated by the opposition. After forfeiting their first two fights on Friday and Saturday, Pure attended their third against The Five with a lone Ishkur pilot as an apparent sporting gesture. The Assault Frigate was destroyed and The Five secured their [...]

            Alliance Tournament - Day Two

            • YC108-07-16

              Day two of the Alliance Tournament saw Friday’s winners continue their march towards the next stage of the competition. While loosing teams and default winners from day one showed their willingness to assimilate winning strategies. Maintenance drones were heavily used during all matches and some teams resorted to targetting them early on in an effort to gain the upper-hand. The Five continued their success from the first day with a win against Serenus Letum; however several subsequent matches proved [...]

              Alliance Tournament - Day One Synopsis

              • YC108-07-15

                New Eden´s Second Alliance Tournament saw the introduction of official live holoreels to the capsuleer community, whilst on the battlefield an impressive display by some of the pre-tournament favorites coupled with some strong individual performances gave the discerning fight-fan everything they wanted. It wasn’t a good day to be a destroyer or interdictor pilot, especially flycatchers as they suffered heavy losses in a trend that started in the very first match as The Five took out Dusk and Dawn. In [...]