Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Providence crisis averted – ISS outpost construction to proceed

  • YC108-04-30

    PROVIDENCE. A military stand-off following a border dispute between the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate earlier this month has been resolved peacefully after diplomatic talks. The incident saw the two alliances contesting the placement of ISS starbases in relation to CVA territory, apparently due to miscommunication that can be blamed on a directors' illness. The brief war threatened to disrupt the construction of ISS’s seventy billion ISK twin outpost project in [...]

    Forsaken Empire: Another alliance to disband.

    • YC108-04-20

      'The Forsaken Empire disbands', announced in a press release. The alliance just one of many prominent coalitions to dissolve within recent weeks, reinforcing the current trend for large-scale dispersal and reformation of the universe’s major capsuleer power blocs. The decision of FE leadership to dissolve the alliance is being seen by many as part of a broader trend in universal alliance politics, highlighting a shift from large-scale alliances to smaller and often, more successful units. Whether or [...]

      Interstellar Starbase Syndicate to manage sacked trade Outpost

      • YC108-04-12

        PURE BLIND. Following last week's successful siege of the EC-P8R solar system, which saw the TRUST outpost Viribus Unitis fall to an allied coalition led by Band of Brothers; the coalition has announced that they will allow the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate to take over management of the outpost. TRUST announced their disbanding on the same day stating the events of last week and the sceptical view on their neutrality as the reasons. Last Friday morning, Count TaSessine explained that the allied [...]

        Change in the Deklein Region, IRON Divided

        • YC108-04-10

          DEKLEIN. The Imperial Republic Of the North has splintered, and will be leaving the Deklein region to regroup in Empire space. The statement has been relayed by Darko1107, Co-CEO of EXODUS, Executor of the IRON alliance. In it, he explains the motivations and reasons behind the move, namely communication problems within the alliance, and disagreements concerning the Republic’s future as well as logistics problems in holding sovereignty in the region. As such, senior corporations EXODUS, Synergy. and [...]

          Alliances Band Together To Bring Down Capital Ship Production Outfit

          • YC108-04-05

            PURE BLIND. Shortly after the announcement by TRUST regarding their production and delivery of the very first Mothership-class vessel in private hands, the Band of Brothers alliance declared that it would be attacking the conglomerate’s Outpost in EC-P8R. Mustering what is possibly the largest allied pod-pilot fleet, composed of Ascendant Frontier, Axiom Empire, Band of Brothers, The Five and The Forsaken Empire pilots, they removed all defenses in that system, claiming the Outpost for their own. The [...]

            Infamous Corporation Arcane Technologies Closes Its Doors

            • YC108-04-05

              Shocking news from GalNet this week; Arcane Technologies closes its doors. N00b Scriptor, ATUK CEO, announced that the corporation would be disbanded. In the light of recent achievements, the move did not only surprise outsiders as well as allies, it came as a complete surprise to the pilots of ATUK itself. N00b script0r and his fellow directors took a moment of their time to both reminisce on the corporation’s achievements and to explain the recent decision. Arcane Technologies started as an [...]