Heideran VII

Heideran VII, born Keideran Kador, was a long reigning Amarr Emperor, elected roughly 300 years ago. He was a member of the Kador Family.

Heideran reigned for many years. Under his leadership the Empire enjoyed unprecedented peace and stability with the other empires, and many considered him one of the primary reasons New Eden enjoyed such a long tranquil period.

Khanid rebellion and other opposition

After Heideran won the Emperor's seat, Khanid II, another pretender to the throne, refused to commit ritual suicide - the first time ever in the Amarr Succession - and founded the Khanid Kingdom.

Following the Khanid Rebellion, Heideran outlawed the Order of St. Tetrimon in order to preserve the peace. During the Minmatar Rebellion, he allowed the cult to return to help suppress the rebellion, on the understanding they would not attempt to undermine his reign. He did, however, declare Khanid II a heretic.

Reclamation of power

By YC 105, he had mostly withdrawn from the day-to-day affairs of the Empire. Over the preceding decades, he had allowed the Privy Council increasing power of the governance of the Empire. Thus it was a shock when he suddenly spoke up during a Council meeting, and denied permission for Holders in Semou to form their own space navy in order to combat the Blood Raiders. Despite the brief protestations of Chamberlain Karsoth, Heideran got his way and revealed that he had decided to become involved in the ruling of the Empire once again.

Death and legacy

Heideran VII died on YC 105.8.28 of Turit Disease that had ailed him for a long time.

He was widely known as a peacemaker and seeker of compromises, continually when a powder keg threatened to explode in the face of the world community Heideran often used his power and influence to becalm the situation. This led to him being awarded the Aidonis Statue as a champion of interstellar peace - a decision that was widely criticized and derided, though more over the Empire's use of slaves and human rights issues than Heideran's personal actions. Upon this premise Heideran VII wrote the infamous Pax Amarria.

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