Order of St. Tetrimon

The Order of St. Tetrimon, also known as the Cult of Tetrimon, the Tetrimon Order, and simply the Tetrimon, is an Amarr religious order. It was founded in 21460 AD following the death of the Mad Emperor, Zaragram II, at the hands of his grandson, who was canonized as St. Tetrimon.

Conflict with other authorities

The Order was tasked with purging Amarr Scripture of apocryphal and non-canon texts, which included the majority of Zaragram II’s decrees. As part of this goal, it was asked to preserve the original Scriptures. In time, this led to the Order’s downfall, as it put them in opposition to the Privy Council, Theology Council, and Emperor during the Moral Reforms.


The Order managed to remain active in small sects thanks to acting against the Reforms in secret. They hid away the artifacts and records of the Council of Apostles. However, during the Khanid Rebellion, the Order was exiled from the Empire by Heideran VII. It managed to remain active in the Khanid Kingdom, where Khanid II allowed it to remain legal for political reasons.

Recent Events

During the Minmatar Rebellion, the Order was allowed to return to the Empire to fight the Minmatar, with the understanding that they not undermine Heideran’s rule. They mostly remained quiet in the following years, except for actions taken against then-Heir Doriam, who proved too liberal for their tastes.

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