Aidonis Statue

The Aidonis Statue is an annual award bestowed by the Aidonis Foundation in recognition of individuals who have significantly advanced the cause of peace and stability throughout New Eden. The award is named after Aidonis Elabon, a renowned Gallente Federation President who was instrumental in the foundation of CONCORD and the end of the Gallente-Caldari War. The award is given out yearly.


Aidonis Elabon was the President of the Gallente Federation at the time of the Yoiul Conference in 23236 AD (YC 0). Under his leadership, the Federation had already led the charge in founding CONCORD and had begun laying the path to peace with the Caldari. By the time he left office, he was considered one of the greatest presidents the Federation had ever known.

However, shortly after leaving office, Elabon's health began to fail. He died early in YC 7 from organ failure related to several medical conditions. He willed the majority of his personal wealth to a new foundation, which became called the Aidonis Foundation, that would work toward continuing his vision of peace for New Eden. One of the first actions of the Foundation was to establish the Aidonis Statue, which would be given to those individuals who most embodied Elabon's message of peace.

An Aidonis Statue has been awarded nearly ever year since YC 10, when the award was collectively given to the signatories of the treaty that ended the Gallente-Caldari War. The award comes with a monetary prize, though it has become a tradition for the prize to be refused. In practice, this typically involves the prize being given to a charity of the recipient's choice.


The majority of the Aidonis Statue's recipients have been widely hailed and regarded for their selections by the people of New Eden. However, there have been a few controversial selections over the years. In the past decade, two selections have garnered controversy and calls to strip them of their Statue.

The first was Emperor Heideran VII, who received the award in YC 104. Since the Minmatar Rebellion and the foundation of CONCORD, Heideran had become a wide advocate of cluster-wide peace. Not only had he pushed the Empire into treaties with the Minmatar Republic, he had also used his influence to act as a mediator whenever hostilities threatened the cluster. He also enforced wide restrictions on Imperial slavers and prevented new slave raids. Additionally, he had written an influential treatise called the Pax Amarria, which advocated a peaceful and cooperative Empire spreading goodwill and using its power to espouse compromise.

However, because the Amarr continued to keep slaves, and there was no impetus within the Empire to abolish slavery, many considered any Amarr leader unworthy of the award. Widespread criticism of the decision came down on the Aidonis Foundation for its selection. However, the criticism was dwarfed by the positive reaction across the cluster, with many feeling Heideran VII was a symbol of peace and prosperity.

The second was the YC 109 recipient, Alexander Noir. The selection of Noir himself was uncontroversial, as the esteemed Federation Navy admiral had long been an advocate of peace throughout the cluster. Even the Caldari, whom he had fought against during the Gallente-Caldari War, expressed appreciation and admiration of Noir.

However, Noir shocked the cluster later that year, when he rammed his Nyx-class carrier into the Ishukone HQ station in Malkalen during an economic summit between the Federation and State. Prior to the collision, Noir broadcast a message of hate against the State. The impact resulted in the deaths of 421,000 civilians, including Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi.

Soon after, calls came for the Aidonis Foundation to posthumously strip Noir of the Statue in light of his actions. The Foundation's board of directors seriously considered the unprecedented action, but ultimately took no action. It instead released a statement, reading in part, "Despite whatever madness possessed Alexander Noir in his final hours, it does not erase the near-century of his work for peace. The Aidonis Statue was awarded for these efforts and will not and should not be taken away."

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