Amarr Succession

The Amarr Succession is a series of rituals to select an Amarr Emperor after the previous emperor dies.

The rituals occur in a strict order and take a few weeks to complete. Their exact, specific nature is unknown, only that they mainly involve various ways the Amarr Heirs prove their loyalty and worth to lead the Amarr Empire.

Most of the rituals involve the Heirs directly, though in recent times they have allowed for the naming of individual champions. The selection of proper champions has come to be seen as an essential part of the trials.

Following the selection of a new Emperor, the other four challengers must commit ritual suicide in order to minimize the risk of challenges to the Emperor's authority from the old Privy Council. This ritual suicide has been broken twice, once by Khanid II following the selection of Heideran VII and once in YC105 by Jamyl Sarum.

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