Doriam II

Doriam II, also known as Doriam Kor-Azor, was a Amarr Emperor who reigned from YC105 to YC107.

Origins and political stance

Prior to his ascension to the Imperial Throne, he was the Royal Heir of the Kor-Azor Family. He is the father to Aritcio Kor-Azor. Doriam was a liberal philanthropist known for his benevolent and fair rule. He wanted to alter the Empire's society to be more in line with the other empires and was known to talk and negotiate with many of the Empire's traditional enemies.



When Emperor Heideran VII died in YC105, Doriam was considered the most "natural" successor, as his policies were the closest to those of Heideran at the time of his death. Doriam was represented in the Amarr Championships by a team headed by Ecliptical. This team was ultimately victorious and Doriam ascended to the Imperial Throne in November.

Early days

At his coronation, Doriam delivered a rousing speech declaring his intentions to bring peace and prosperity to the cluster. He named his son Aritcio as the new heir of the Kor-Azor Family, and pledged to visit every planet in the Amarr Empire. As a reward for successfully representing him, Doriam renamed the fourth planet of Kor-Azor Prime after Ecliptical, with the moons renamed for his wingmen.

Political contention

The fates of slaves were a contentious issue during Doriam's start as emperor. When his son Aritcio purchased two Crielere scientists from the Guristas, Doriam refused to intervene despite numerous calls to do so. Additionally In March of YC106, Doriam ordered the release of fifteen thousand Minmatar slaves. The slaves never reached their destination, as the convoy was attacked and destroyed by Tetrimon agents.

When Catiz Tash-Murkon caused a controversy by purchasing the Tal-Romon Cathedral and planning on opening it to tourists to fund its renovation, Doriam intervened and declared the cathedral his personal property. While this effectively ended the controversy, the Heirs viewed his actions as "overly active." Doriam then created a new controversy by having the cathedral moved to Amarr Prime. Pod pilots assisted in the transport.

In 107, Doriam declared war against the Blood Raiders and promised to have them driven out of The Bleak Lands. This assault was in response to the Blood Raiders' chemical attacks on Mabnen I.


Doriam II was assassinated by unidentified attackers on July 4, YC107. Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth became the acting regent of the Empire following Doriam's death. The Caldari State condemned the attack, while the Minmatar Republic quickly denied knowledge and issued its own condemnation.

A memorial service was held by pod pilots in Amarr on July 11. While it seemed that Doriam's assassins had been quickly identified by CONCORD, it soon was revealed that was not the case. A leaked CONCORD memo seemed to implicate a member of the Royal Khanid Navy, which was quickly refuted by the Khanid Kingdom. Doriam's killer has yet to be identified.

The Empire was without an Emperor for over three years. At last, Doriam II was officially succeeded by Jamyl I as Empress on October 3, YC110.

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