Sacred Flesh

Sacred Flesh is an Amarr religious belief that royal flesh is sacred. It is an important doctrine of the Scriptures.

Cloning restriction

The most notable consequence of the doctrine is the restriction against the cloning of any member of a royal family; this includes the five Amarr Heirs and the Amarr Emperor. Royal flesh is considered sacred to the Amarr and thus cloning a whole body is believed to make the sacred flesh impure. Because of this, the deaths of the heirs following the Amarr Succession are permanent.

Known violations of the restriction

Despite the importance of the doctrine, it has been violated more than once. Keral, a member of the Ardishapur family, was cloned by his mother Bethora after his death in a racing accident. In addition, Jamyl I was cloned after her participation in the trials and later returned to become Empress. Though there was initial controversy surrounding her return, it died down in the months following her election as Empress, and it is now publicly claimed that her return was due to divine intervention.

Exemptions for partial regrowth of flesh

Significantly, it is only a full clone that is considered impure. Regrowing flesh from a living portion of the original is not considered a violation of the doctrine, as evidenced by the treatment of Aritcio Kor-Azor at the hands of the Speaker of Truths Brother Joshua. Aritcio was brought to the brink of death, then revived and healed using a cellular regenerator. Though his individual cells were cloned, the whole was still considered pure.

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