Keral is the cloned son of Bethora. He is a member of the Ardishapur Family and thus a part of Amarr royalty.

Parental pressure

His unnamed father constantly pressured Keral to succeed in his studies, though Keral did not show much talent for them and constantly fell behind. After his father died, Bethora took up the task of pushing him to achieve bigger and better things.

The race

At her behest, he participated in a spaceship race where the goal was to destroy and retrieve beacons in an asteroid field. His second was Selan, the son of Raana.

The race was meant to test leadership skills, and was thus done in a standard frigate rather than a pod-piloted ship. Perhaps at Bethora's insistence, Keral fitted his ship with prototype rigs which were illegal and untested. The ship did well in the race, but as it neared the finish several systems malfunctioned, causing it to fly out of control and crash into a beacon. The crash killed Selan and fatally wounded Keral.

Illegal cloning

Bethora, unwilling to lose her son, ordered the doctors to clone Keral despite the Scriptural doctrine of Sacred Flesh forbidding royals Amarr flesh from being cloned. The cloning went awry because of the lack of proper procedures, leaving Keral with extreme brain damage. He was reduced to shouting out phrases from movies, tossing things around, spinning in place, and shutting the lights on and off at random.

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