Idonis Ardishapur

Once Heir of the Ardishapur Family, Idonis Ardishapur was considered a religious fanatic. He was extremely conservative and xenophobic and valued traditions over everything else. He was not overtly militaristic, but rather more of an isolationist.

Idonis was the son of Arkon Ardishapur and had moved with him to Ezzara VI to bring the Scriptures to the Minmatar. While he and his friend Zoriac had belittled the Minmatar back home, they came to have an appreciation for their culture. Idonis even began a clandestine affair with a Starkmanir woman.

When his father Arkon was murdered by Drupar Maak during a slave revolt, Idonis's first act to was to avenge this death with the destruction of all the Starkmanir on Arzad II, bombarding them from orbit.

He later issued the edict Khaderia's Law, shortly after the discovery of Starkman Prime, or Arzad II. The edict, not widely publicized or even understood by Imperial lawyers-yet tacitly enforced nonetheless-states unconditionally that no further harm shall directly befall Arzad II.

Idonis committed suicide at the end of the Amarr Succession which saw Doriam Kor-Azor rise to the throne.

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