Davit Tash-Murkon

Davit Tash-Murkon (born 23176 AD, died YC105) was the Royal Heir of the Tash-Murkon Family during the later years of the reign of Emperor Heideran VII. He was the father of the current Empress, Catiz Tash-Murkon, and named her his successor prior to his death. He competed for the throne after Heideran VII's death, but was not a popular choice and lost to Doriam II. Shortly after, as is tradition, he committed Shathol'Syn along with the other competing Heirs.

Early Life

Davit was born in 23176 AD. He was a cousin of the current Tash-Murkon heir, but his father had been disgraced through a series of poor business deals in his younger life. Though Davit's family remained extremely wealthy and his father had proven more adept in his late years, the young man felt pressured to restore his branch's good name.

Davit applied himself to his business studies, seeking to rise through the ranks. As soon as he came of age, he began to leverage his family's wealth to acquire several Amarr businesses. He used his acumen to target start ups and under appreciated businesses, buying them on the cheap and then turning them profitable using his family name and connections. He found that several owners were so eager to be associated with an Heir family that they sold out cheaper than they otherwise would.

By his late 40s, Davit had built his own mercantile empire, owning parts of nearly half the businesses within the family's space. Not only had he recovered his branch's reputation, he had exceeded it, and was widely acclaimed as one of the Empire's brightest business minds.

Heir Presumptive

The Tash-Murkon Heir at the time did not ignore Davit's rise. For decades, it had been assumed that his son would be named his heir. However, this son was unimpressive and ordinary. Family members has little negative to say about him, but similarly held few positive opinions. He was considered a bland, safe choice that would do little to win the Tash-Murkon Family greatness.

Davit, however, was the exact opposite. Some family members despised him, as he had few qualms when it came to business. He was willing to strike at relatives who were in weak positions, as well as abuse his Holders for his own gain. Those involved in deals with him rarely came away feeling as if they had been cheated and his results spoke for themselves.

The Tash-Murkon Heir saw how the winds were blowing and went about replacing his son with Davit as his successor. This did not go off entirely smoothly. Many, particularly the Heir's wife, were outraged that the son would be replaced with the child of a formerly-disgraced branch. Several powerful Tash-Murkon Holders also wished the son to remain, perhaps to more easily have their way at the expense of the royals once the current Heir died.

Davit dealt with his enemies ruthlessly. Any Holder who opposed him soon found his assets frozen and his businesses losing clients and contracts. Those who supported Davit grew rich, while his enemies floundered. Nor did Davit act underhandedly in these dealings, remaining entirely above board, to better show that he worthy of being named Heir.

Within a decade, Davit had the entirety of the family and its Holders on his side. The sole hold out was the Heir's wife, who remained opposed to him for the remainder of her life.


Davit assumed control of the Tash-Murkon Family in 32YC following the death of the previous heir. As he had already won the loyalty of the majority of the family, he needed to do little to secure his base. He exiled the wife of the former Heir to a far-flung Tash-Murkon system and from then on essentially ignored her.

He continued his policies of expanding the Family's wealth, using his position as Heir to expand his reach. Most notably, he opened greater trade with the Khanid Kingdom, despite lingering tensions between the two Amarr nations. He also began the first steps toward trading with the Caldari who, despite having defensive pacts with the Empire, were not yet enthusiastic about their allies.

When at the Imperial Court, he constantly pushed for the Empire to make itself more accessible to foreign trade and outsiders. He fought for improved relationships with the Minmatar and the Gallente, something that took many decades for Heideran VII to consider seriously. He frequently found himself at odds with the other Heir Families, particularly the Ardishapur Family, which constantly denigrated Davit's Udorian ancestry. The Kador and Sarum Families likewise made things difficult, while the Kor-Azor Family mostly sat neutral in the conflicts.

Davit brought the Tash-Murkon Family great wealth and won some acclaim through the Empire. However, the matter of his Udorian heritage made it difficult for him to achieve much acknowledgment outside his own domains. Additionally, even his supporters tended to view him primarily as a brilliant businessman and less a future Emperor.

Amarr Championships

When Heideran VII died in 105YC, it was not Davit who was considered a favorite to become Emperor. While he had done much to strengthen the Family's wealth, his acumen was not widely appreciated throughout the Empire. Its wealth was capable of buying many favors, but there were concerns about his Udorian heritage. The conservative elements in the Empire refused to support him, leading some to worry that he would have a difficult time holding the Empire together.

In an effort to strengthen his own cause, Davit announced that his champions could come from any race and fly any permitted ship. However, the Kor-Azor Family made the same concessions, eliminating the advantage the Tash-Murkons would gain from the gambit.

In the end, it was Doriam Kor-Azor who was victorious. During Doriam's coronation, Davit Tash-Murkon committed the ritual suicide expected of him. His final act was to name his daughter, Catiz, as his Heir.

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