The political hub of the galaxy and the Headquarters of the CONCORD assembly, Yulai is busy as a bypass for traffic between the many trade hubs in the Federation. It is no longer an important trade hub in its own right.

The old, long-dismantled highway gates made Yulai into the trade hub of the entire cluster. Following the dismantlement of these gates, however, the title of largest trade hub went to the Caldari nexus system of Jita, with various smaller hubs springing up in other important regions, such as Oursulaert, Rens, Amarr, Hek, and Dodixie.

Today, Yulai is of great importance as a political hub as the home to all major CONCORD bureaus and the CONCORD Assembly itself in orbit around Yulai X. However, unless the highway gates are re-assembled, Yulai can only ever be a shadow of its former glory as a trading center for capsuleers.

Yulai was the site of a major confrontation between thousands of Capsuleers and a tremendous Army of Sansha's Nation during the Nation War of Resurgence.

Yulai Graveyards

This ship graveyard marks the site of perhaps the boldest—or barbaric—military feat in the recorded history of EVE. It was here where CONCORD, the protectorate of interstellar travel, was attacked preemptively by a Minmatar Elder armada. With the Thukker Tribe fighting at their side, the Minmatars fought with a fury not seen since the Rebellion, even sacrificing their own ships to accomplish their mission. With CONCORD’s rapid-reaction force incapacitated, the Elders then launched an invasion of Amarr space and freed untold numbers of slaves.