Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant, or Jita 4-4 for short, is a space station and one of the busiest hubs in the entire cluster, particularly for capsuleers.


The station is made of steel from Caldari Steel. It has an intentionally gray color scheme, and Terminal 1, one of the docking areas, has concrete walls.

There are numerous corridors that run through the station, even near the bottom, close to the edge of space. Walls have loudspeakers embedded into them. Ventilation ducts provide warm air throughout the station; near the bottom, it appears the air is given out only in occasional gusts.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is one of the main docking areas and looks out on the constant stream of capsuleer traffic. It has lots of empty space dominated by bars, vending machines, and VR booths. The primary food court is gigantic, equal to the size of four Mind Clash arenas. It is right near the entrance and houses thousands of different eating establishments, from the low-quality Quafe eateries (such as QuafeSnacks) to high class restaurants (such as Dieurelli). The terminal has tables and ledges near the numerous elevators, escalators, walkways, and in large waiting rooms where people mill about.

Notable Establishments

QuafeSnacks is a low-quality fast food kiosk that serves cheap fare. It does not have tables or chairs, requiring consumers to eat their meals elsewhere. Their bags have holoprojectors in them that constantly emit a billboard with the QuafeSnacks logo on it, along with various tickers. There are two slightly higher-quality QuafeSnacks brands: QuafeSnacks Premium and QuafeSnacks Ultra Premium.

Quafe Deluxe, Quafe Deluxe Premium, and Quafe Elite are progressively higher quality restaurants.

Pmokka Caravan Delights is a Minmatar-themed restaurant that serves traditional Minmatar food. It is not a high-class establishment, but rather sits at a corner deeper into the food court web. You can get Salted Amarr Rockjaw seared over a Khari oven and served with Pator Steak here.

Dieurelli is a fancy Caldari restaurant that serves, among other things, Salted Amarr Rockjaw with a side of Achuran songbird. It sits in the high-rollers' mezzanine where the rich congregate.


All visitors to the station are issued a Temporary Station ID. This ID allows station security to constantly monitor visitors and keep track of them. Otro Gariushi's ID was #19.

Sleeping is not allowed in Terminal 1 and, presumably, any other public location on the station. A first offense only gets a warning. After a warning, falling asleep for less than 10 minutes assesses a second warning. Falling asleep for more than 10 minutes, or receiving a third warning, results in a charge of vagrancy and removal from the area.

Station security is allowed to kill intruders on sight when they are outside their designated areas.

Other areas

Near the bottom of the station there is a secret area dominated by Sani Sabik associates, some of whom may be capsuleers.

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