Nation War of Resurgence

Last Updated: February 26, YC113

Classification: Unclassified

Prepared By: Commander Samuel Baxter, The Synenose Accord

Since early YC 112, we have collectively witnessed the return of Sansha's Nation and its impact on the political and military balance throughout the known galaxy. Under the leadership and direction of megalomaniac Sansha Kuvakei, Nation has waged a near-flawless campaign to discredit CONCORD, divide capsuleers, and paralyze the Empire's militaries. Until January YC 113 they engaged in hit-and-run attacks aimed at fulfilling key objectives, and since then have been engaged in outright hostilities aimed at the destruction of our way of life as we know it.

As part of the capsuleer-wide effort to fight back against the menace of Nation, this GalNet page was created to serve as a historical archive of pre-war events. Because Nation has proved adept at hacking and corrupting electronic data, this page is only periodically updated and revised and should not be considered up-to-the-minute. Questions over content may be addressed to Commander Samuel Baxter (Chief Archivist of The Synenose Accord), or Fleet Admiral Grideris (FCORD Commanding Officer).

Pre-War Key Events

Re-Emergence of Nation Threat (YC 108): Sources in Stain and lower Catch begin reporting on increased Nation activity in the regions, including increased probe activity and the reorganization of fleets in Stain. An individual identified only as "Sansha's Speaker" surfaces on the InterGalactic Summit and threatens war against Angel Cartel assets operating in the former territory of Sansha's Nation.

The Ducia Foundry Attack and the Ishaeka Reports (YC 05.07-10.112): Nation publicly resurfaces in the aftermath of an attack on a Ducia Foundry outpost in the X-70MU system. Following news reports of the incident, an erroneous report by The Synenose Accord prompts an unknown individual to forward the Ishaeka Reports to the CEO, while warning at the same time that CONCORD has been hiding something from the capsuleer community. Acting on information contained in the reports a joint Synenose Accord-Moira-Kumiho's Smile expedition searches the system for additional evidence but finds nothing.

Public Dissemination of the Ishaeka Reports; CONCORD Responds (YC 05.11.112): Following a series of incursions in the Kaaptuenen, Frarn, Renyn, and Ashab systems, the Ishaeka Reports are made public by The Synenose Accord. In a botched response, CONCORD attempts to remove the information from public circulation, while Task Force Ishaeka Commander Vieve Crieston blames capsuleers at large for creating the circumstances which permit the incursions.

Raid on the Taisy System (YC 05.17.112): Nation raises widespread alarm and concern when it raids the Taisy system, removing 5000m3 of unidentified cargo from the system that is home to the Kyonoke Pit. Federation Navy officer Omune Balenne alleges the pit itself was not breached. The attack begins a sporadic pattern of Nation selectively targeting systems based on a need to acquire specific items, rather than harvesting colonists.

Operation Bad Moon (YC 05.20.112): A group of capsuleers pioneer the use of commercially-available ECM equipment against Nation's wormholes, during an incursion in the Romi System. The use of ECM equipment against wormholes subsequently becomes standard practice at all future incursions.

Mouse Nell Strikes Back (YC 06.26.112): A probe launched through a Nation wormhole by Pilot Mouse Nell recovers the first-ever imagery from the other end of a Nation wormhole. Imagery analysis reveals a massive Nation fleet idling outside a Jovian station in the 3-CE1R system, the same system where pilots had previously identified members of True Power and True Creations. The event causes an uproar within the capsuleer community, many of whom allege that the Jovian Directorate is either allied with Nation or has been overthrown. CONCORD's Task Force Ishaeka, after six months of continued controversy, finally issues a report on YC 12.09.112.

Capture of Jove Frigate (YC 06.27.112): During an incursion in the Antem system, Nation's forces succeed in capturing a Jovian frigate and cartesian temporal coordinator. The event marks the start of repeated targeting of the system and surrounding areas: over the course of the next six months Nation attacks the region at least six times (the most of any area of space in New Eden).

Monalaz Constellation Operation (YC 12.05.112): Nation conducts simultaneous operations in the Imya, Anyed, and Antem systems to establish communications uplinks into CONCORD computer systems. The engagement is marked by the large-scale use of denial-and-deception tactics on the following areas:

  • Communications which clash over whether the operation will include a fourth commander.

  • The times and order in which the systems will be attacked.

  • If the operation will be considered a failure if an on-scene commander is destroyed.

  • How long it will take the arrays to be made active after deployment.

Project Hydrogen Bomb (YC 12.09.112): In a joint operation, a SYNE/FCORD task force (operating with CONCORD approval and under escort by CONCORD Commander Haeldone Dorgiers) uses a rebuilt freighter to deploy an 850-kiloton H-bomb against a Nation wormhole in the Antem system of the Monalaz Constellation. The vessel, carrying a mixture of raw hydrogen and several tons of primer explosives, succeeds in accomplishing its objective and destroys the wormhole. The successful execution of the mission yields vital intelligence data on the composition of Nation-projected wormholes and the elusive wormhole device.

Nation Shifts Gears (YC 12.13.112): Nation reactivates the uplinks in Monalaz twice in a single day, allowing them to hack CONCORD files and extract mass amounts of data from the personal files of CONCORD Agent Haeldone Dorgiers (a point-of-contact for many capsuleers fighting against Sansha's Nation). The new strategy comes amidst other events indicating increasing recognition of the threat capsuleers pose to Nation's plans. Examples include an incursion time moved forward to avoid the times of peak capsuleer activity, and Nation commanders relocating to safespots during incursions to ensure a greater chance of success.

Battle of Yulai (YC 01.23.113): In an operation personally overseen by Sansha Kuvakei, Nation invades the Yulai system in the face of stiff opposition by capsuleer forces. Despite heavy resistance and the loss of two supercarriers, Nation successfully disables CONCORD defenses in the system, overrides CONCORD's cluster-wide defenses and stargate protocols, and establishes a wormhole linking the Promised Land system with Nation (it can still be observed in proximity to Planet 2, the longest one to remain in place to date).

Start of the War (YC 01.25.113): Nation invades Empire high-security territory in an operation designed to seize control of the constellation. The war begins.

Nation's Wartime Priorities and Intelligence Gaps

Kuvakei and Capsuleers

Sansha Kuvakei clearly perceives capsuleers as the single-largest threat to his plans, but his attempts to marginalize and diminish capsuleer opposition have thus far been abject failures. Prior to and during the Monalaz Constellation Operation attack times and disinformation were leaked to capsuleers in order to diminish opposition, but multiple fleets were still able to mobilize and fight back. At Yulai, he claimed that neutralizing CONCORD would expose internal weaknesses and squabbling, thereby allowing him victory, but opposition to every wartime incursion has continued since then while losses amongst anti-Nation forces have diminished. Since Yulai he has not made any public statements but this is believed to still remain a key obsession of his.

Infiltration of CONCORD and the Empires

In the runup to the war Nation placed emphasis on infiltrating CONCORD and the Empire militaries. A noted example was the activities of Sutola Endoma (now known as Slave Endoma01), a CONCORD commander who was later exposed as a Nation sympathizer before fleeing to Nation. Another example was CONCORD Special Operative Haeldone Dorgiers, whose personal files were hacked on 12.13.112 due to his high level of interaction and coordination with the capsuleer community. Nation interest in the Amarrian Justiciar military unit also surfaced in reporting from 12.112, but no further information has come to light since then.

The Nation Wormhole Device

In the pre-war incursions, Sansha's Nation used a device (of unknown origin) to artificially generate the wormholes through which their forces traveled. We know a bit about this device. Based on the results of "Project Hydrogen Bomb" it is believed that it was the sole piece of equipment of its type, making it an invaluable asset to their plans. It is believed to be mobile and may have been aboard Kuvakei's flagship (a Revenant class supercarrier) at Yulai, but it is unknown if the ship had received special modifications to permit its use. Pre-war Nation capital ships were frequently observed in proximity to the wormholes, suggesting that only they possessed the capabilities or equipment to stabilize them. As of this update (02.26.113) no anti-Nation ship has been able to traverse a Nation-created wormhole.

The Jove Angle

So far to date, Nation has had four known or suspected interactions with the Jove Directorate or Jove technology.

  1. In 08.105 Jovian Admiral Ouria defected from the Jovian Directorate, and met with still-unidentified parties in the Stain region (long a hotbed of Nation activity).

  2. On 06.26.112 imagery captured by Pilot Mouse Nell identified a large concentration of Nation ships in close proximity to a Jove station (later identified as the Prosper Vault in the 3-CE1R system.) On 12.09.112 Task Force Ishaeka issued a report on this matter.

  3. On 06.27.112 Nation's forces successfully captured a Jove frigate and cartesian temporal coordinator in the Antem system.

  4. Complex fullerene shards were detected aboard Nation capital ships at several incursions in late 112.


Since the first incursion in the Antem system on 06.27.112, Antem has been attacked, at least, six times, the most of any system in New Eden. Three significant events have occured in the system or its neighbors: the 06.27.112 capture of the Jovian frigate and cartesian temporal coordinator, the Monalaz Constellation Operation on 12.05.112, and the re-use of the Monalaz uplinks on 12.13.112 to download the personal files of Haeldone Dorgiers. Why this system and the surrounding area has been the focus of such high-profile activity remains unknown.

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