Entrye Chrare

Entrye Chrare is the elderly curator of the Electric Museum. He gives guided tours of the museum, exuding an energetic passion for the displays, being quite knowledgeable about them.

Entrye was giving a tour to an elderly group when a newcomer named Ruebin impressed him with a display of insight regarding a sudden change in module design in a particular exhibit. He invited Ruebin to stay after and receive a private tour, which Ruebin accepted.

During this tour, Entrye told Ruebin the true story of the modules: that David, a former CEO of Kaalakiota, and Yonate, a former CFO of Sukuuvestaa, were involved in their creation. Both men were taken down when they were found to be corrupt. Ruebin didn't believe anyone who created such graceful modules could have been evil, however, and challenged the story. Entrye relented, admitting the two men had actually been lovers, with the module designs having been coded expressions of their love. Their relationship had later been discovered and the two men brought down by Kishbin, the CEO of SuVee at the time.

When Ruebin had an insight into the minds of the two men, Entrye praised him for it. Ruebin then surprised Entrye by replying as if he were rebuffing an amorous advance, which infuriated Entrye - though whether out of actual offense or embarrassment of being caught out, was unclear. Entrye demanded Ruebin leave, which he did. Entrye, meanwhile, was so upset that he tripped and accidentally knocked over several displays.

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