Ruebin is a tourist who at one point visited the Electric Museum. He appreciates art for aesthetic reasons and makes a habit of visiting any museum wherever he goes.

He did not appreciate the Caldari style, but entered the museum expecting to be ironically entertained by jingoistic art. After investigating several of the displays, he joined up with the tour being given by Entrye Chrare. Thanks to the disinterest of museum guards, Ruebin was able to follow the group into the special exhibit despite not having a ticket.

In there, he admired the graceful design of the modules at the beginning of the exhibit and expressed open dismay once they suddenly became more rigid and practical in design. Though the official story was the module design had changed because two executives were caught in a corruption scandal and resigned, Ruebin did not believe this to be the full truth.

Entrye became intrigued by his insights and offered to give him a private tour after the museum closed, which Ruebin accepted. During that private tour, Entrye told him the story of how the earlier modules were designed by David, the former CEO of the Kaalakiota Corporation, and Yonate, the former CFO of Sukuuvestaa, as hidden messages to each other expressing their mutual love for one another. The discovery of this love is what had led them to resign.

After hearing this, Ruebin believed the designs became so graceful and expressive because the two wanted to be caught, in some sense. When Entrye agreed and expressed admiration, Ruebin quickly became suspicious and rebuffed what he thought were amorous advances from Entrye. This enraged the museum curator, and Ruebin left as Entrye accidentally knocked over several displays in his anger.

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