Skids, real name Skidochi, is a Caldari mercenary. She was a firearms expert with a Quickdraw implant that allowed her to quickly draw and fire her weapon. Skids is noted to be rebellious, which led to her exile from the Caldari State. She continues to carry guilt over her inability to properly serve the State.

Her mercenary team was hired to discover the location of Anvent Eturrer. Skids was noticeably agitated with the mission, growing more uncomfortable as it progressed, since the State considered Eturrer a hero. Her teammates, specifically Jeanelle, noticed her increasing discomfort. Once Jeanelle managed to discover Eturrer's location, Skids attempted to kill her to halt the transmission. However, Asadir had rigged an EMP device that deactivated Skids's Quickdraw implant, then Jeanelle activated a Dead man's switch implant that knocked Skids unconscious. Skids' memory was then wiped to before the mission, allowing her to forget her guilt over turning in Eturrer.

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