Jeanelle is a Gallente mercenary. She has a background in politics and entertainment. At one point, she was a in a presumably romantic relationship with Uriam Kador. The relationship eventually soured, which Jeanelle attributed to his inability to handle failure. She received a scar between her breasts, presumably as a result of Kador's aforementioned personal failing. Despite this falling out, she maintained numerous contacts in Kador's royal court.

The merc team Jeanelle belonged to was hired by the Federation to discover the location of Anvent Eturrer. Despite initial concern that her prior relationship with Kador would hinder the mission, she proved valuable and was able to learn of Eturrer's potential whereabouts from a conversation with one of Kador's court. However, one of the other mercs, a Caldari named Skids, attempted to stop her. Jeanelle had planned for this eventuality and activated a Dead man's switch in Skids that knocked her unconscious. Skids's memory was then wiped of the event.

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