Anvent Eturrer

Anvent Eturrer was a Gallente former Grand Admiral of the Federation Navy. Eturrer is most notorious for an act that earned him the nickname "The Great Traitor" when he unwittingly aided the Caldari State in invading the Federation and recapturing Caldari Prime.

Relationship with the Broker

Eturrer's history prior to his participation in the Caldari invasion are currently unchronicled. Some time prior to the rise of Tibus Heth, Eturrer began selling information to the Broker. One piece of this information caused the Tripwire system to fail, allowing the Caldari to strike the Gallente Federation unawares and eventually to occupy Caldari Prime. Originally, then-President Souro Foiritan assumed Eturrer was merely incompetent and fired him, at which point Eturrer fled the Federation. It was only later that he discovered Eturrer had actually been traitorous. In the Caldari State, he was viewed as a hero.

After the betrayal


Following his dismissal, Eturrer went into hiding in the Amarr Empire, where he was given sanctuary by Uriam Kador, Heir of the Kador Family. Despite several attempts by the Federation to locate and capture Eturrer, he always remained one step ahead of Federation forces. However, following Kador's invasion of Solitude, Empress Jamyl I allowed Federation warships to enter Empire space in order to retrieve him.

Capture and execution

During his capture, he was not physically tortured, though he was denied sleep and made generally uncomfortable. He was eventually transported to Gallente Prime to be executed at a huge public rally.

During the rally, Eturrer was brought out onto a podium a good distance from President Foiritan and Mentas Blaque as to avoid any association between them. Eturrer appeared disoriented during the proceedings, with a distant and glassy look as President Foiritan delivered a fiery speech. When offered the chance to speak in his defense, he exchanged a momentary glance of understanding with Foiritan, then simply grinned and dropped the offered microphone. Foiritan then revealed Eturrer had been injected with a chemical agent that immolated when exposed to sound of a specific frequency. When prompted, the crowd unleashed screams and yells that were converted into the proper frequency, causing Eturrer's body to be gruesomely destroyed. Eturrer howled in pain during the process, but his screams were drowned out by the noise from the crowd.

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